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    These 7 beach gear should not be missing on your holiday

    These 7 beach gear should not be missing on your holiday

    Summer is in sight and that means it will soon be time for sun, sea and beach! Have you been looking forward to relaxing on the beach with a nice drink in your hand and your feet in the sand? So are we! But have you also thought of all the necessary things that will make your holiday that little bit more memorable? Here we list our 7 favourite beach gear that should not be missed on your holiday. Beach fun assured!

    1 Bikini or swimsuit

    Going to the beach starts with us with custom clothes. We usually opt for easy shorts with t-shirt or comfortable beach dress with a beautiful bikini or swimming trunk atthe bottom. Even summers in our own garden with custom clothes, gives us an instant holiday feeling! When you wear swimwear, don’t you immediately feel that summer feeling?

    2 Sunscreen

    Hopefully summer (a lot!) brings sun this year and we can enjoy summer days and evenings for a long time. One of our ultimate summer products is therefore without a doubt sunscreen. Without sunscreen, we never go out the door in the summer. Even though the sun does not always shine brightly, a layer of sunscreen is needed and therefore it should not be missing from this list. Do you always get good during the summer?

    3 Air mattress

    Pool party scheduled this summer? Or a day at sea? Or are you going on holiday to a tropical paradise? Then an air mattress should not be missing for even more water fun! Nowadays you have mattresses in all shapes and colors, from flamingos to floating islands,but our favorite for this summer is the double mattress of Where you can buy a lot of other nice beach stuff. This double air mattress is great for relaxing together! And you can win it here exclusively on June 30th! Or would you rather not share? Then opt for their luxurious lounge chair with cup holder all for you alone!

    4 Music

    In March we went on a road trip through Mexico and there it is customary to lie on the beach with (loud) music. Honestly, we didn’t really think this was social compared to other beachgoers, but it is very Fun! We do choose to set up our music when it is not too busy on the beach and we have a have found a remote spot. Do you turn on music when you’re on the beach?

    5 Cooler

    What we always take to the beach or during another trip is a cooler. After all, it is nice to be able to keep your drink (and food) cool for a number of hours. It’s also cheaper to buy your own drink and take it with you on your trip. Did you know that there are even backpacks that can serve as a cooler bag? We have one of these and it is very useful if you are going cycling or walking!

    6 Beach towel

    We used to take two beach towels to lie on the beach, but since we went to the beach in Mexico, we do this differently. We bought a huge beach towel there and can’t live without it! This ultra light blanket is so easy to carry and blissful to lie on. It’s better than a regular beach towel in all areas. Also very nice to go picnicking in the park!

    7 Board game

    Have you ever taken a board game to the beach? Give it a try! Bring an easy game that everyone likes and enjoys! Note: Monopoly or Stratego is not a good idea. Recommendations are card games and board games with fewer pawns, or for example Kubb for the more active players. What you can also do is bring a ball or badminton rockets and a feather to play a little sports and play at the same time.

    What beach gear do you take?

    What do you usually take with you for a day of sunshine, sea and beach? Hopefully with these 7 tips we have been able to give you new ideas for your next visit to the coast or by the pool. And hopefully we’ll get a lot of sun soon so we can plan these happy days!

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