Sustainable gifts are not only fun to give, but also above all to get. But what exactly is sustainability? Sustainable means that the product does not affects the environment and nature – or as little as possible. The use of the product or gadget can also be sustainable, so that it is better for our planet in the long run. In general, they are products that you usually think about when you buy them. And you use them with great pride and guilt. Here are 14 sustainable gifts you want to have now or give yourself as gifts!

9 Sustainable gifts

Natural care

More and more we find products that are sustainable important. A woman (but also men!) use too much plastic and other unsustainable raw materials in their grooming rituals. Think shampoo, toothpaste, skin care etc. You have all kinds of environmentally conscious alternatives for this, but our favorite of the moment is the natural deodorant that’s in a reusable jar. Original gift or just for yourself of course!

Bamboo cutlery set

One of the genius solutions to the huge plastic problem? Use cutlery made of bamboo instead of disposable and plastic cutlery. This cutlery set is ideal for taking anywhere. There is not only cutlery in it but also a reusable straw made of bamboo. We recently bought it for ourselves but also think it is the ideal sustainable gift for our friends and family. Together we make the world more beautiful!

Portable solar panel

Solar panels are the future and from now on you can carry them with you for all your electronics to charge responsibly with a portable solar panel. Very useful when you are in danger of running out of power or when you are in the middle of nowhere. Or just when you want to generate energy and consume it in an environmentally conscious way!

Vegetarian cookbook

A good way to contribute to the environment is to eat less or no meat at all. A vegetarian cookbook can help you do that. This way you can quickly and easily make tasty vegetarian dishes. Bet you won’t even miss meat with dishes from this cookbook?

Instructive book

Books are always a good gift and especially if you can learn something from them. In the book “Desire for less” you get new insights into how you can live more sustainably with less. You learn to be more conscious about things and also your life. Something that in the long run creates a different lifestyle for a more sustainable and – hopefully – happier life. The reviews don’t lie; whoever bought the book is very excited about it. We want it in the house!

Reusable bags

Nothing worse for the environment as plastic bags. That’s why we always use reusable bags that we can take with us every time. Ideal for all your groceries. Maybe a one-time small investment but you help nature a whole lot further with it. And of course yourself, because shopping with beautiful reusable bags is much more pleasant than using plastic bags every time and often paying extra for them.

Wooden toys

We used to all play with it, but since the advent of plastic toys can often only be obtained in this material. And that is not only a pity for the environment, but also a piece of fun that is being taken away. Wooden toys last much longer and is also so much more fun to have in your hands. Moreover, it also shows much more beautiful in your interior. A charm that you can easily (return) to the house via a wooden train track or a wooden doll’s house.

Original bread box

A cheap but fun an original sustainable gift is a nice bread box. We love to get reusable products and get a bread box from your loved one or best friend, makes it all the more special. That’s how you think of him or her every lunch. We chose a rose specimen with subdivisions. Convenient for every meal.

Water jug with filter

We have been using a water jug with britta filter for years. Plastic bottled water is really not done now and filling a water can with tap water is actually much easier and cheaper on top of that. The filters cost something but nothing compared to plastic bottles of water. Not to mention the waste. If your friend or acquaintance doesn’t have one yet, you should buy it for him or her now!

Sustainable gifts

Have you been inspired by a sustainable gift for your love, your best friend or just for yourself? Good! Then we have already made the world a little more beautiful. And for all those looking for a present for us: Everything from this list is welcome! Not counting the wooden toys, unfortunately we are already a little too old for that.

Do you already use sustainable products in your daily life? Let us know in the comments. Maybe we can inspire each other.

9 Sustainable gifts

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