We just returned from 3 months of intensive travel through Mexico and America.

Of course, such a world trip is a whole enterprise and this also brings with it a number of figures. Are you curious what crazy figures such a trip entails? Do you want to know how many planes we’ve boarded in total? Find out what the balance in numbers is from our 3 months on the road.

2 countries

Although we ‘only’ visited 2 different countries, we still call this a world tour. We have seen a large part of the world as these 2 countries, Mexico and America, are huge! Both Mexico and America have a huge number of beautiful places and we really wanted to discover them. And we did it! We have seen a large part of these 2 beautiful countries. Our 3 months of travel were magnificent.

3 languages

In total from our trip we have helped ourselves in 3 foreign languages. This was mainly English,but we also spoke Spanish and occasionally French. If you are travelling the world, it is useful to learn some basic words and phrases and/or bring a dictionary.

20 destinations

Our world tour counted no less than 20 destinations in total. These are 20 places we’ve been. In total we have actually stayed at 13 of these 20 places. The other 7 destinations were places where we were maximum one day. At the (most) other destinations we stayed at least one week.

10 flights

Because we were in Mexico and America, not Europe,we covered many distances by plane. By car, most of the distances were simply too far apart and not feasible to cover in a short time. In total we have taken exactly 10 flights! That’s one flight almost every week. The rest of the distances we did with public transport such as the train,the bus and also the occasional taxi.

276 meals

Food is a basic need that you should definitely take into account during the budget planning of a world trip. In some countries food is much cheaper than in others. With us food in Mexico was a lot cheaper than food in America. In total we ate 276 full meals each. That equates to 3x/day food. Of course, there were occasional snacks. This seems like a huge number in hindsight, but it’s better that you take it into account in advance for your next adventure. Keep enough pennies available because you can’t do without food!

215 litres of water

Besides eating, drinking is also essential for your body. Perhaps more importantly and certainly in southern countries! In total we drank about 215 liters of water per person during these 3 months of travel. That equates to between 2 and 3 liters of water per day. And that’s what you need! During all the flights we drank more because you quickly dry out in the air.

Also during walks at 30 degrees and more, we lost a lot of moisture that we needed back. Even during an unexpected illness,you may need more extra water. This is certainly an important part of our final balance sheet!

74 Coronas

Corona is the beer you could find anywhere in Mexico. We didn’t drink this every day, but it might as well be that we drank two in one day. In total we drank about 74 Corona’s in our 3 month trips. Which is nothing compared to some Mexican residents. They can easily drink 10 without feeling anything. Did you know that some Mexicans even add tomato juice or salsa to their beer? We tried it and it sounds worse than it tastes!

6 bottles of sunscreen

In Mexico we have seen a lot of sun, but also in America it was sometimes very sunny in some places. Sunscreen we definitely needed during our trip! We already took 3 bottles with us in advance, but had to buy 3 on our trip. This makes a total of 6 bottles of sunscreen for our entire trip! In other words 3 bottles of sunscreen/person. We didn’t burn.

70 kg luggage

With two suitcases of 20 kg each and one hand luggage of 10 kg,we headed
to Cancun
in March. This is 50 kg in total luggage. But we came back to Belgium with 20 kg extra in luggage! A new suitcase with 20 kg of extra gear crossed the border with it. Which makes 70 kg of luggage in total!

1000 memories

What has stayed with us most of our entire trip, of course, are the many beautiful memories. If we added them up, we’d have at least 1,000. A journey to remember! This was our balance, hopefully it’ll help you.

3 months on the road

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Are you curious what our trip in total cost? You can read that here next Friday! Until then!



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