Barcelona is a huge city with many advantages. You will find a cozy city centre,beautiful nature,a harbour and even a beach. We took a city trip to this beautiful city last week. It wasn’t our first time coming here, but it’s such a nice city that you’re happy to go there again. There is always something new to experience! Here we discuss 4 reasons why Barcelona is the ultimate city trip for us.

Barcelona view city

1.Wonderful architecture

In Barcelona you feel like you are in another world. At least if you are used to those of Belgium or the Netherlands. The buildings speak for themselves. They are all gems with lots of beautiful details. At Barcelona we immediately think of Casa Battló, Casa Milà and the Sagrada Familia. But Barcelona has so many more beautiful buildings! As you pass through the city centre, you will automatically come across buildings that will make you spontaneously happy. In short, the architecture of Barcelona is breathtaking and you must have seen it in your life!

2.Delicious food

Admittedly, we really like paella and tapas. And what do you find in Barcelona? Paella and tapas! So there can’t be a better place in the world for us to eat. Nevertheless, there are many restaurants that offer other good food. In Barcelona you can also have a great breakfast and lunch. There are countless bakeries or places where you can bring coffee cakes, pastries or sandwiches for the road. Not to mention the various churrosstalls. Barcelona is without a doubt the place-to-be for foodies.

3.Culture at its best

For culture lovers, this is the city par excellence. There are endless choices for museums. Especially art museums are our favourite in Barcelona. Throughout the city there are works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Gaudí. In addition to numerous museums, you will also find many historic buildings, churches and parks. Everything has a story in Barcelona and that’s why we love this city so much.


On and around the Ramblas, the atmosphere of Barcelona is rather busy. Everything there is virtually aimed at tourists, especially with a commercial purpose. We prefer the atmosphere from just outside the centre. There you can find nice bars where flamenco is danced, live music is played or street artists can show arts. You will get to know the Spanish people and their traditions. Enjoying genieten a Southern cocktail with salsa music in the background? Check!

Would you like to discover more beautiful places in Spain? You can do that here! Do you want to leave right away on a city trip? Then you can read our best tips here to prepare your city trip.

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