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    5 tips for a first trip with the camper

    5 tips for a first trip with the camper

    Soon we will leave again on a beautiful road trip through mountainous Austria. This time we do not do this with our caravan but with a rented camper / mobile home (something we recommend before you buy one). And because this is the first time for us with a camper, we have listed a few things that you should pay attention to when you travel with the camper for the first time. So feel free to fill in if there are any other tipswe can use. Have fun with these 5 tips for a first trip with the camper.

    5 Tips for a first trip with the camper

    1 Choose the right camper

    Everything starts with choosing the right camper for your type of trip. Consider, for example, the necessary driving license. You can drive most campers with a normal driver’s license B, but checking the correct driver’s license in advance does not hurt. It is normal that there iscomfort. But if you go to the freezing cold like us, you have to make sure that the rental company also allows this and that the caravan is adapted to it.

    2 Correct tires

    Choosing the right tires may speak for itself, but it is best tocheck it. Because many camper rental companies put 4 seasonal tires on it, and that is actually not so ideal. Certainly not if you travel through ski areas like us. Winter tires are then much more appropriate. Always check whether there are snow chains, because this is mandatory in many ‘cold’ countries. You may not even apply these to some companies, so reason enough to look for another company.

    3 The right route

    Planning the right route is also very important, even if you like some freedom like us. For example, we once planned our first road trip with the caravan packed and our schedule was actually unrealistic. Which is regrettable in hindsight. Even if you go out in the winter, it is best to set up some campsites, because in the winter there are some pitches and campsites closed. In the summer we never plan this and then we use the Park4night application, something we don’t dare to do in winter.

    4 Some terms

    It can also be useful to know some concepts that can help you with your first trip with the camper. For example, the waste water from the shower and sink is called ‘gray waste water’ and the waste water from your toilet is called ‘black waste water’. All things that you know better in advance when you make a camper holiday.

    5 The right insurance

    Having the right insurance when driving a motorhome is very important. Of course, when renting a camper, this is usually order when booking, but checking what is exactly in the insurance is not a problem. It is best to check the part about injuries to you as a driver. Because that can sometimes be lacking in cheap insurance. For people who want to take out insurance for a motorhome they bought themselves, you can find some useful tips here.

    Do you have any tips?

    Do you have any tips for ourfirst camper trip? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments.

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    5 tips for a first trip with the camper - Roadtrippers of the Sun

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