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    Gelukkig leven winter

    5 tips to find the perfect winter equipment

    5 tips to find the perfect winter equipment

    Soon we will be going on winter holidays for the first time, as we have said before. And while this is certainly not going to be a habit for us as Roadtrippers of the Sun, of course we had to look for the right winter equipment. And luckily we found it too! There were a few things we had to look out for to find the perfect equipment and we’d love to give those tips to you as well.

    The perfect winter equipment

    1 Thermo underwear

    The most important thing with the right winter equipment is that you dress yourself in layers. This not only makes you warmer, but also makes it easy for you to take something off when it’s too hot. One layer that is most important in this system of dressing is of course solid thermo underwear. Synthetically, or sometimes woollen, thermo underwear ensures perfect perspiration to keep you warm. So be sure to put this on your list if you’re going shopping for your winter equipment.

    2 A size bigger

    Don’t be too quick to be satisfied when purchasing your equipment, the right size is essential when purchasing. Because believe us, you really don’t want to move into the cold with too little clothes. You’d better buy a size bigger so you still have plenty of room to move when you put on different layers. Especially for people who want to go skiing or snowboarding this is definitely recommended.

    3 Wind and waterproof jacket

    A waterproof jacket is essential on winter holidays if you don’t want to suffer a cold. A substance that is water repellent is therefore definitely recommended. Also, you should be careful that no wind can enter the jacket. You check this by checking the zipper properly and that your jacket fits well to your wrists so that there is no wind inside. The same rules apply when choosing the right pants.

    Happy life winter
    winter equipment in Austria

    4 The right ski gloves

    Good winter equipment also includes good protection for your hands. You can choose between mittens and gloves. Do you get cold soon? Then in this case you choose better mittens. As with your jacket, also make sure that the gloves or mittens fit well on your wrists so that no wind or moisture can come in. In terms of material, it’s best to go for artificial leather. If you want to go skiing, you better avoid nylon. However, this ensures a lower grip on the ski poles.

    5 Ski socks and hat

    The right ski socks are also important, because with regular socks you are nothing in the real cold countries. So you have to have real ski socks that you can also pull up high enough. If you go skiing with it, the rule is that the sock must be able to be lifted above the skibot. Buying a hat can be useful, even if you’re wearing a helmet. When choosing a hat, it is best to take a hat that you can pull over your ears or with ear flaps. Because your ears know pretty quickly about the cold and that is often painful.

    Share your winter gear

    These were our tips for the perfect equipment on winter holidays. We are not experts in winter holidays, so we are curious about your winter equipment and tips. Here are some more tips to protect you from the winter cold Share your tips on our Facebook page.

    Update: In the meantime we went to Austria with the camper. You can read all about it here.

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    5 tips for finding the perfect winter equipment

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