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    5x Best Restaurants in Lima (Peru)

    5x Best Restaurants in Lima (Peru)

    Lima is not only the capital of Peru but without a doubt also the mecca for foodies in Peru. It’s a huge city so it makes sense that there are countless nice places to eat, but we picked out the best for you. In these restaurants in Lima you can not only eat good food but usually also enjoy a beautiful Instagrammable interior.

    Restaurants in Lima


    Amore is a Mediterranean restaurant located near Miraflores. If you come from the various local souvenir shops nearby, you can have lunch or dinner at Amore afterwards. The interior appeals to you right from the street. The store is full of plants and colourful decoration and there is a relaxed atmosphere. Also the employees there are very friendly and the service is fast. The food? Particularly tasty, but take into account European portions (slightly smaller than the average Peruvian dish but still sufficient!). And there are also several options for vegetarians. We love this kind of thing!

    Raw Cafe

    This vegan restaurant is one of the most original and most perceptive restaurants we have come across in Peru. Luck wishes that this place was located just behind the corner of our hotel, which made us go there a few times for lunch. Raw Cafe offers the perfect alternative to all meat dishes and restaurants in Peru. And besides, the vegan food is of excellent quality and very fresh and tasty. We tried the mexitacos,and vegan variant on the Mexican tacos, and a vegan burger. But also the food bowls and the homemade lemonades are delicious. Definitely worth a try!

    Beso Frances

    If you like to have a small lunch or a snack with a fantastic view, you can go to Beso Frances. Here they mainly serve pancakes with all kinds of toppings, ranging from Nutella chocolate and fruit to savoury toppings. A pancake with Nutella you already have for 14 Soles (about 3.5 euros). The setting is beautiful as this eatery is located on the Malecรณn de la Reserva in the Parque del Amor overlooking the ocean. You have several of these things scattered all over the boulevard in Miraflores. A nice walk from one side to the other is a must do.


    Another unique address is popular restaurant in the open-air shopping centre Larcomar on the coast in Lima. Here are slightly less vegetarian options to be found but the fish dishes there are excellent. The portions are also slightly smaller than in an average Peruvian kitchen. The interior and especially the view over the ocean is very special here. Highly recommended and definitely one of the better restaurants in Lima.

    Punto Fusion

    Where you get huge portions of food, restaurant Punto Fusion. This is a typical Peruvian restaurant where you also have plenty of European options including pastas. Nevertheless, the Peruvian dishes here are especially worthwhile. Try the chef’s fish dish. You may never get it, but for 10 euros you can’t let it go. The trouble! And the friendly service is free of charge!

    Other restaurants in Lima

    Of course, there are many more good restaurants in Lima. We never really ate badly there. The portions are also usually large, especially outside the tourist zones. In Miraflores you have many cosy restaurants that can also count in terms of appearance. Does it look like a decent case? Then you can assume that the food will be fine. This list also included budget-friendly restaurants.

    Important: none of the addresses above is sponsored. We compiled this list from our own experience because we were so impressed with these restaurants. We’d like you to enjoy that, too. Tasty food!

    5x Best Restaurants in Lima

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