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    The 7 Best Tips Against Mosquitoes

    The 7 Best Tips Against Mosquitoes

    During your trip

    Today we give you some tips against mosquitoes. Because if you’re traveling, especially in warm countries, you can’t get around it… Mosquitoes. Sometimes a real plague. Fortunately, we in Europe are not so dangerous. But in other continents, they can also cause a disease such as malaria

    or yellow fever.

    Not nice so better prevention than cure! Below we give you the 7 best tips against mosquitoes.

    1 Mosquito repellent

    Mosquito repellent is the most well-known and perhaps the most important tip of all. We’re not going to advertise a brand here, because you can find them in every store these days. Even if we do opt for one from the pharmacist.

    2 Mosquito net

    Everyone knows… that hum of a mosquito while you want to sleep. Or get up for bites… nothing is more ambetant. With a mosquito net you don’t have that problem! Please note that this mosquito net is always closed. Even if you don’t sleep there. Because if the mosquito flies in it, of course it doesn’t help either.

    3 Bracelet against mosquitoes

    Nowadays there are also bracelets that you can put on against the mosquitoes. These bracelets ensure that the mosquitoes do not bother you for 2 weeks. It doesn’t look great. But i’d rather not have mosquito bites, of course.

    4 Cover your entire body

    The best method, of course, is to cover your entire body. But in a tropical country this is of course not always pleasant.

    5 No dark clothing

    According to many, dark clothing would attract mosquitoes. So try to avoid this one. Although this has certainly not been proven. But doing something bright never hurts, of course. It’s worth a try.

    6 Citronella candle

    Burning a citronella candle also always helps to keep mosquitoes at bay. And you’ve got a nice smell. Although this is if your backpact is not always easy to carry. If you are travelling in a caravan or camper, a citronella candle is ideal.

    7 The mosquito lamp

    Many say this is the best remedy for mosquitoes but frankly we don’t think this works so great. Of course, we haven’t tested all models either, so maybe there’s a certain brand that works well. Please let us know!

    Other Tips Against Mosquitoes

    Hopefully this will help you and help you in the fight against nasty mosquitoes. If you have other problems, be sure to check
    if we have any tips or solutions for this.

    If you go further away than
    it is best to check
    to see if you need a vaccination.

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