Italy the land of good food and Southern temperatures. La dolce vita (the sweet, good life) is never far away and that’s why we now give you 7 Italian sayings to use for example on holiday. Bet your tour group will be jealous of your statements?

7 sayings

1.Prendere due piccioni con una fava

We also know this saying in Dutch and want to say as much as ‘kill two birds with one stone’. So you are working efficiently when you make this statement.

Italian Sayings

2.Chi non risica non rosica

“Who doesn’t venture, doesn’t win.” One of the Italian sayings with which we agree.

Chi non risica non rosica

3.Chi dorme non piglia pesci

This saying fits a little with the previous one. It says laziness doesn’t work. Hard workers, those Italians!

Chi dorme non piglia pesci

4.Le ore del mattino hanno l’oro in bocca

“Morning stood has gold in the mouth.” So you better get up early because that’s more of a gain. That’s what the Italians think!

Italian sayings and quotes

5.Gallina vecchia fa buon brodo

Italians like to cook and a lot and therefore it is not surprising that many proverbs are about food. This one means as much as “you make good broth from an old chicken” and means you can still learn something from older people. Nothing or no one has just been written off. One of the Italian sayings to remember.

Italian sayings: Gallina

6.Non vendere la pelle dell’orso prima di averlo ucciso

We also know this proverb in Dutch. The translation is “Don’t sell the bear’s skin before it’s shot” and means you don’t have to get ahead of yourself.

Non vendere la pelle dell'orso prima di averlo ucciso

7.Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano

This saying assumes that slowness is sometimes good. Haste and urgency is rarely good, we say.

Italian sayings: Chi va piano

Italian sayings

These were our 7 Italian sayings for La dolce vita. We hope that they have also been able to inspire you and you may be able to bring them up on another holiday. More Italian sayings or quotes can be found on our Pinterest page.

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