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    7 tips to book your trip as cheaply as possible

    7 tips to book your trip as cheaply as possible

    With many of our friends and acquaintances we often see that they pay way too much for their holidays or plane tickets. And that’s a shame when you know that in some cases you can save up to half. Of course, we used to make this mistake. Now we sometimes save up to โ‚ฌ200 in front of our family and friends who don’t use these tips. So that’s a lot of extra pennies that we’d rather spend on, for example, a nice dinner. Something we can really enjoy! We want to give you our 7 ultimate tips that will save you money and that you can easily apply yourself when booking your trip. We hope that this way you can spend a little more money on something extra on holiday. Something you can really enjoy!

    1 Book at the right time

    It’s not too late to book the art, but it’scertainly not too early. Most people think that if you book early enough the price will automatically be much lower. But unfortunately, that’s not true. Sometimes the prices are even at their highest. The best thing is that you book something between 6 and 8 weeks before you leave. And preferably on a Tuesday… weird but true, then the prices are usually the lowest. It’s also best to look around for cheap flights in January or September. This is the period when most airlines come up with stunt prices (this is usually not on popular flights).

    2 Solo ticket sometimes cheaper

    In some cases, buying a single ticket is much cheaper than a combo ticket of two or more tickets. This is because they can give a passenger travelling alone a place on a plane much more easily than people who fly as a couple and like to sit next to each other. Especially on planes where many places are reserved, you can make real deals by buying two separate tickets. The only downside is that you’re not sitting next to each other. On short flights, this does not seem to be a problem for us. But with longer flights, of course, you have to weigh up whether those money saved outweighs this disadvantage.

    3 Clear your cookies

    If you have already looked up many plane tickets it is recommended to delete all your cookies. After all, they determine the price on your screen. This isn’t really fair, but that’s the way it is. Because you’ve been looking for tickets for so long, these companies think you’re about to actually book a flight. And that’s what these companies are responding to. As a result, they raise their prices. So
    delete your cookies

    4 Set a price alarm

    If the day you want to leave is already fixed, you can set a price alert. If ticket prices for this day then drop, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or computer. This guarantees you the cheapest airline tickets. This is very easy to do through the site

    Highly recommended if the day of your departure is fixed on a fixed day.

    5 Buy coupons online

    This is mainly saving on activities or transport on location but not really on flights. There are a lot of people who have coupons but can’t do anything with them and some of those people then sell them online. They do this mainly on second-hand websites. Especially on Ebay there are some to find under ‘coupons’ or ‘gift cards’. For example, you can sometimes score a discount voucher of 10 euros and only pay 1 euro for it yourself. And we think that’s worth it. Also, you can always look at

    for other coupons that are free.

    6 Be flexible

    Shifting the dates of your holiday by a few days can also make a huge difference in price. For example, never leave on weekends because then the tickets are automatically more expensive because most people then travel. Even though we know that this is not for everyone to choose from. You can also be flexible with the airports. When looking for airline tickets, it might also be wise to check other airports nearby. Maybe the prices are better there. Even by country, this can vary enormously. So be sure to check with neighbouring countries or fly to your dream destination there is not cheaper. You can also always look at alternative flight paths. You can often save by making a stopover somewhere with cheaper airlines than a direct flight with a more expensive airline.

    7 Avoids the high season

    When you’re sitting with kids, it’s harder, but we also see a lot of people without children making this mistake. Whatever all travel agencies try to tell you, flying during the school holidays is effectively much more expensive! There is also the misconception that all popular travel destinations are ‘dead’ out of season. This is absolutely out of the blue. We went to France the first week of September and this was a hugely restful holiday where we also did all the activities we wanted to do. The same trip a week earlier (in August) had cost us double.

    More tips?

    So, we hope you had something to do with these 7 tips. If you have any tips, you can always share them with us in the
    below or on our
    Facebook page.

    Still looking for more tips? Then you can always look here. Or are you looking for a fun application for travelling? Be sure to check out our appcategory.

    7 tips to book your trip as cheaply as possible

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