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    7 Ways to Stay in Touch With the Home Front

    7 Ways to Stay in Touch With the Home Front

    You may be far away from home and love it, but it remains important to keep in touch with your family and friends. Because while you may feel safe and know that everything is fine, they may be worried at home because it is not for everyone to travel long. Especially not for your family. Or maybe you’ll get homesick at some point, too. Here we give some ways to stay in touch with the home front.


    Perhaps the most obvious way is to call. Although this is certainly not the cheapest solution! It’s best to buy a mobile phone card to make a cheaper call home.


    One of the cheapest ways is whatsApp. All you need is wifi. Although this is not so easy to find in every country. What’s good about WhatsApp is that they can see at home when you’re online.


    Same principle as with WhatsApp. All you need is Wi-Fi. Messenger works just a little slower than WhatsApp, in our opinion. Nowadays you can play games via Messenger who you are talking to and that is nice of course!


    A slightly older way, but a very good one. Especially since almost everyone has this, and not just the younger generations. The only downside is that you can’t tell if your post has been read or not.


    The most personal form and also called the most fun because you really seeeach other. Unfortunately, Skype is not possible everywhere because it requires a strong Wi-Fi connection. You can also just call without picture of course and that is also fun and cheap.

    A card

    We also like to get ticketsourselves, so we are also in favour of this oldest method. The tickets do arrive a little later than you send them, but that has its charms, we think. The only downside is that this can usually cost some money.

    Social Media

    Sharing your photos on Instagram or Facebook is also a fun way to keep your family and friends informed about what you’re doing. Again, you only need Wi-Fi for this. and a (good) camera of course!

    How do you do this?

    We are of course curious how you keep in touch with the home front when you travel. We would like to hear it in the comments. We already use Instagram to keep our family informed.

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