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    4 tips for booking cheaper with Airbnb

    4 tips for booking cheaper with Airbnb

    We recently made a 3 month trip through Mexico and the USA, and when we recently announced the cost of this trip, there were a few people who didn’t understand that this was so low. The big secret of this, of course, is booking overnight stays with Airbnb. With these kinds of places to book, you can travel reasonably cheaply. And if you know that you can save a little bit at Airbnb by applying some tips, then that’s definitely ideal. Here are 4 tips to book even cheaper with Airbnb.

    Our 4 tips for booking cheaper with airbnb

    1 Weekly and monthly discount

    Most Airbnbs offer a discount on a week-to-month booking. For example, in many cases it is cheaper to book 7 days instead of 6 days and sometimes even 5 days. So it can be cheaper to stay a little longer in one location, so we stayed at each location for at least one week, which has easily earned us 250 euros in discounts.

    2 The new accommodations

    Do you really want to go dirt cheap at airbnb’s and still have a super accommodation? Then you have to look for the new accommodations. These are always much cheaper with Airbnb because the hosts still need to get good reviews to get a rise in Airbnb’s list. Agree that sometimes it deters the fact that there are no reviews, but that doesn’t always mean anything. Because if a place to stay were really bad, there might be some bad reviews to read. After all, these are given faster than a good one! This tip can sometimes really take you to beautiful locations for less than 20 euros per night. If that’s not pretty!

    Cheaper booking with Airbnb
    Youth hostel Peru

    3 Use our discount and your friends

    Haven’t you rented from Airbnb before? Then you can also use our discount. It gives you a discount of โ‚ฌ35 euros on your first booking… Nice, right? Have you booked Airbnb yet? Then you can invite your friends who are not yet members. When these friends book something via your link, you will get a 40 euro discount on your next booking.

    4 Location

    Sometimes it is interesting not to book in the center. In New York, for example, we booked a room in Brooklyn, just outside the busy downtown, which was 10 times cheaper than in Manhattan. And because we had studied the location well we knew that there was a tram just around the corner. This saved us a lot of money and yet we had to sacrifice nothing for this. Another example was in Playa del Carmen where we booked a house 2 km from the center. This doesn’t seem really close, but we did have free bikesat this location. We saved about 150 euros and we were equally fast, by cycling, at our destination. So find out what the cheapest neighborhood is at your location and what it costs you extra in transport and then see if the difference is big enough.

    Do you book through Airbnb?

    Are you already booking through Airbnb or would you rather prefer a hotel? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page. If you even have any tips for booking cheaper with Airbnb, these are more than welcome. Next Tuesday you’ll get even more useful travel tips!


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