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    3 tips to prepare your city trip

    3 tips to prepare your city trip

    Do you like to take a city trip? A few days away with lots of culture, good food and preferably with fantastic photos afterwards? Here we give our best tips to prepare your city trip as well as possible. Because planning means seeing more in less time. Ideal for your city trip to experience as efficiently as possible!

    1.Plan your get off

    If you go on a city trip, you want to see as much as possible in a few days time. Usually the cities that are suitable as city trip are large and have a huge range of tourist attractions. So it is often impossible to see everything in a few days time. Choose all the places you definitely want to see at home. Just choose places that will get you excited. Don’t try to see everything. It is better to see some very interesting places and take your time than to have ‘seen’ everything quickly. After all, you should enjoy your city trip and not get stressed out.

    A list

    It’s best to make a list of the attractions you want to see first and then you pour them into a day plan. Create a detailed schedule per day. Put in it what you will see first, what you will do next etc. Furthermore, it is also useful to plan your route and know in advance which road to take and/or you can take a bus or metro. A useful tool here can be Google Maps. If you want to go even further, you can also look up in advance what everything is going to costyou. The more detailed your schedule, the more useful you will be able to spend your time.

    2.Practice on taking photos

    Before you leave, go practice taking pictures. For example, if you’re going on a city trip to a big city, practice photographing buildings. If you’re more likely to do a city trip where nature is beautiful, take pictures in the woods or in a park. This way you can see how best to portray something and you are less fooled when you are on a city trip and you want to photograph something.

    Booking summer holidays

    3.Make your suitcase well in advance

    This is perhaps our biggest stressor: making the suitcase. If you’re only away for a few days, you’ll have plentyof carry-on luggage. Up to a maximum of 5 days you can survive without a large suitcase. So there’s little point in booking a suitcase for a city trip. That’s how you save money. Also we, who want to bring different outfits, different pairs of shoes, a camera and a large toilet bag can survive with only hand luggage. If you have the time, start making your suitcase at least 3 days before departure. So there is less chance to forget something.

    3 outfits

    You’ll have to start with 3 outfits. One outfit to leave with (choose something comfortable). One outfit to spend a day in the city with (choose something you feel good about). And one more chic outfit that you can go out to dinner with, for example. Choose suitable shoes. Our advice is for one pair of easy shoes and one pair of shoes to suit any outfit. Choose one jacket that matches any outfit and is suitable for the weather at your destination. The advantage of determining your outfits in advance is that you save time at your destination to get ready in the morning. Time you can use to see more of your destination.

    Then make your toilet bag. Just choose things that you really need and that you will use effectively. Leave unnecessary things at home. You can look here for inspiration on what you can or can’t bring in your hand luggage. Finally, prepare your backpack/travel bag/handbag that you can carry extra with your hand luggage. Here you can put extra things in which you want to take with you. With us this is mainly a place for an extra pair of shoes,our camera and a travel guide. Of course, this is also the place where you keep your documents and plane tickets.

    Do you have any tips to better prepare your city trip? You can always share them in the comments. Need inspiration for your next city trip? Look here.

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