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    Paspoort voor de slimme reiziger

    Passport for the smart traveler.

    Passport for the smart traveler.


    Passport for the smart traveler is a book full of travel tips. These travel tips were collected by the American Erik Troffels (editor-in-chief of the magazine Budget Travel). In this book, he compiled 399 tips from other smart travelers. These are tips that can go from preparing your departure to how to handle money wisely while traveling. According to the creators of this book, it is indispensable for anyone who wants to travel smarter, easier and cheaper. And admit that they’re actually trying to do it in this book.

    Passport for the smart traveller

    Our opinion

    Because Passport for the smart traveller is a translated book from English to Dutch, some of these tips are not valid for us Europeans. And that’s less, of course. Also, this book is already a bit older and you can see that by certain tips. In the meantime, useful solutions have been found in the form of apps. The book certainly has good tips, but it might be slightly outdated and no longer applicable to certain topics. You might be just a little bit more into Lonely Planet’s book. There you also have a little more fun animations,which this book also misses. But that is of course a personal opinion! If you have just started travelling e then of course this is a nice book! But if you’ve traveled a bit, we’ll advise you against this book.

    Where do you find “Passport for the smart traveler”?

    You can buy this book for a little €9 at You also have a special family edition that you can buy for €3 at Book Advantage..

    Isn’t this book for you? Be sure to check out our category of books, where you can also score other books. Do you have a nice book with travel tips? Please let us know for sure in the comments.

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