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    9 things to take on a journey as an adventurer

    9 things to take on a journey as an adventurer

    After a continuous journey of 3 months, we can call ourselves a bit of an adventurer. Most adventurers don’t need much to survive or enjoy a trip. Here are 9 things you should always take with you if you want to take an adventurous trip. They are our favorite things for an adventurous trip.

    1 Backpack

    A decent backpack is without a doubt the most important thing to take on your adventurous journey. To fully enjoy your trip, your backpack must be of solid material and also the right size. Don’t save on this and choose a good backpack for your type of trip. At A.S Adventure choice enough but also at Decathlon you can definitely find everything.

    2 Tent

    For those who like to sleep outdoors, it is best to choose a tent. A tent still gives you a sheltered place to sleep but you can still spend the night in the middle of nature. We prefer to choose a tent that we have to set up ourselves. Not only do we likethat, but these tents are often sturdier than a quick pop-up tent. Always opt for a tent with pickets/tents so that your tent will still stand in the weather and wind.

    3 Cooking fire

    If you really want to go back to basics on your trip, be sure to bring a cooking fire to prepare food. Besides this cooking fire, it is always useful to bring matches or a fire stick, for example, with which you can create a (camp) fire. Nothing as cosy and functional as a homemade fire!

    4 Pocket knife

    For cooking, not only a cooking fire is useful but also a knife. For example, to cut open packs more easily, cut up your food or make a spear to catch fish (if you are really adventurous). We opt for a Swiss army knife because there are several tools that we can use.

    5 Hammock

    To relax outdoors, or to sleep comfortably, it is nice to bring a hammock. Nowadays you have hammocks in all shapes, colors and sizes. Take a look at for a very wide range. We own one of the Tropilex brands and it is of solid quality. Ideal to hang between two trees or, if with a support, so put somewhere. Rest in nature or of course just at home!

    6 Sleeping bag

    To be able to sleep well in your hammock or tent, it is also nice to bring a decent sleeping bag. One that’s big enough and especially warm enough. Again, you shouldn’t save on this. After all, a good sleeping bag often lasts a lifetime.

    7 Drinking bus

    Something that we not only take on adventurous trips, but just anytime, anywhere, is a drinking bus. We have countless drinking buses because we sometimes lose them, but they are indispensable on our travels. On an adventurous trip, it’s best to choose one with a filter. This way you can also get water from nature to drink.

    8 first aid kit

    A small first aid kit is indispensable if youeare going to go around or spend the night in places. A painful blister is thus solved with a sticky or a cut you are also better off against the dirt. So it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring a few basic care products. It’s best to put some paper handkerchiefs in this first aid kit. These always come in handy.

    9 Flashlight

    If you are going to spend the night in the wild nature or in a secluded place, you’d better provide extra light. A flashlight is indispensable. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries!

    And what do you take as an adventurer?

    Are you adventurous and do you also like an adventurous trip? What do you take with you as an adventurer? Let us know via the comments!

    Are you looking for any more travel tips? We give them to you every week on Tuesdays! Keep following us on Instagram and Facebook for more. Until then!

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