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    5 Tips for Not Falling Into a ‘Black Hole’ After Your Trip

    5 Tips for Not Falling Into a ‘Black Hole’ After Your Trip

    Do you know the feeling of falling into a ‘black hole’ after you trip or fun experience? You come back to your familiar surroundings after a fantastic time and don’t know how to stay with yourself. You’re languishing in a dark, lonely corner of the room, and you’re homesick for better times. It doesn’t have to be! We have been back in Belgium for a few days, after 3 months of travel. The chances of us falling into a big ‘black hole’ were therefore high, but due to a little preparation for our return, this has not (yet) happened. We would like to share our tips with you here!

    1 Fun things

    On holiday you’ve done lots of nice things but that shouldn’t necessarily be done when you get back. There are also many nice things you can do with us. Visit, for example, is a city you haven’t been to. It may not be so exotic or very impressive, but there will be something going on that prevents you from thinking about your holiday that is over.

    2 Photo book

    Set a beautiful 
    photo book
    of your past trip together. Write nice text and don’t forget the dates. Selecting the best photos of your trip alone will take a long time. But the biggest and most fun plus is of course that you can experience all those beautiful moments again through these pictures. We ourselves made during our 3 months through 
    also have a lot of pictures, so for us this will be a work.

    3 Friends

    The best tip not to fall into a ‘black hole’ after your trip is to meet up with your friends. These moments Plan your best even before you go home, so you have something you can really look forward to. As an extra “processing process” of your homesickness to your trip, you can also talk to your friends for hours about all your experiences.

    4 Make goals

    Create new goals in your life. Embark on a project that you didn’t have enough energy for before your trip or go for the extra studies you needed to score your dream job. Or maybe you can start planning your next trip and come up with a savings plan to pay for it. Having a goal in mind is important and especially when you come back from a trip. It is also good to try something new, such as another hobby or even another job. The idea is to stay busy and not think too much about the experience that is over. Look forward to new experiences and don’t complain too much about the fine time that’s passed.

    5 Enjoy after

    Enjoy especially after, after your trip. Think of all fun moments   of your trip and maybe try to make some dishes that you tasted there. For example, we learned to make guacamole from Mexico, and every time we taste this, it reminds us of a good time. Or make a list of the music you heard there. This is also something we always do and that gives us a nostalgic feeling, in a positive way, and it makes us happy. When you think back to your journey, it should make you feel good and not the opposite because you’re back home now. Try to give the fine experiences a place in your daily life.

    After your trip?

    What do you do after your trip? Do you also suffer from a ‘black hole’? Please let us know via the comments or via our Facebook page.

    We are very curious!

    We’re already making plans for the next destination. Do you want to know where it’s going to be? Then be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram page.

      Very soon you’ll hear more about this!

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