The Institute of Tropical Medicine this week launched a new application (Wanda). This application gives you information about the health risks of your travel destination and what to do about it. This way you can see which vaccinations you need but also whether you should take malaria pills or not. With this app, the Tropical Institute wants to reach more people in an easy way without having to make a heavy effort from the tourist. Wanda is completely free and is also constantly updated. Which ensures that you will always find the right information here. Very convenient!

What can you expect from Wanda?

So Wanda gives you health information about your destination that is always updated. But it also gives you a notification if there is an outbreak of an illness at your holiday destination. Something that can be very useful, of course. This application can also be used offline, although updating is sometimes recommended. This application is purely informative. For real information and information, you will still need to make an appointment with the family doctor or the Tropical Institute. Because this application does not take into account your medical background. You can book an appointment via this app.

Wanda Application
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Healthy travel Wanda

Our opinion

Although this application is very informative and can certainly help you travel to a country where an inoculation is needed, we still wonder if Wanda is really going to be a success. Because although this application is very accessible, we think it is much easier to simply consult the website of the Tropical Institute. Going to the doctor for consultation is also possible. Because this application does not (currently) give any personal information. So you can’t see what you’ve already received from vaccinations. And never mind that this application shows you what you are allergic to. In our opinion, this application is certainly a good idea, but in our opinion it needs to be further elaborated.

Download Wanda

You can easily download Wanda on any smartphone. This application can therefore be found in both the Android Appstore and the Apple Appstore. This application is completely free. For more useful travel apps, be sure to take a look here.

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