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    5 Things We Avoid When Traveling

    5 Things We Avoid When Traveling

    There are many things we like to do when we travel, but there are also things we prefer to avoid when traveling. Visiting a foreign country always involves some risks and therefore you take better precautions so as not to find yourself in difficult situations. This in terms of health, safety but also convenience. Read here what we will never do on a trip and why you may not have to do it (anymore).

    5 Things We Avoid When Traveling

    1 Drink tap water

    It is not very ecologically sound, but when travelling we always buy bottled water. In most (far) countries you can only buy plastic bottles in the local supermarkets and that is a shame. It would be so good if this was addressed. We wouldn’t mind dragging glass bottles or pouring them into our drinking bottle. But unfortunately, we find that almost nowhere. Tap water is out of the question with us. In some (exotic) countries it is perfectly justified to drink tap water but we do not do it anyway. Once we tried it and the (after)taste is not the same as at home and afterwards we tend to link, for example, abdominal pain or nausea immediately to drinking tap water. In short, we don’t want to worry about that so we avoid tap water when travelling.

    2 Lifts

    We never do hitchhiking on the street. Not in Belgium or abroad. We always use taxis, public transport or apps like Uber and Lyft. Maybe this phobia of elevators just comes from our own world. In Belgium, it has been taught from an early age never to hitchhike on the street and to go with a stranger. We don’t do it abroad either, just out of security.

    3 Use straws

    Although we certainly dare to buy plastic bottles abroad (due to lack of glass bottles), we will always try to avoid straws on a trip. Years ago we did sometimes, but the hatred of plastic has increased sharply in recent years. After all, we see in the world how big this problem really is. If we can make a small difference with that, we will do it. We refuse plastic straws on restaurant and make a statement with them in some places. Hopefully it creates a consciousness among the operators of those restaurants. A small beginning is also a start of course. We also try to avoid plastic bags as much as possible.

    4 Sports

    Something we rarely do when travelling is sports. By that we mean a sport in itself separate from an activity. For example, we hike a lot but that’s during an outing or we climb a mountain or we hire bikes to explore a region. But we will rarely go jogging in the evening or go to the hotel’s gym in the morning. The reason for this is simple: Lack of sense. And we see the point less in it when we’ve been actively engaged all day. At home we think sports are just important, then it is a good way to get a daily portion of exercise. But once we’re traveling, we’ve got plenty of action. We try to spend some time in the gym every now and then on longer trips (if one is available) but this is not always possible.

    5 Mass tourism

    If possible, we prefer to avoid the big hotspots of a city or country. We don’t like queues, tourists and crowds and that’s why we don’t usually go to the most touristy spots. So we don’t spend much on tourist sites either. Unless, of course, it’s something we want to defy a crowd of people for. In South Africa, for example, we did a safari and visited Table Mountain. But we’d like to pay for that and you’ll forget about the many tourists when you’re at the top of the mountain. It’s more than worth it.

    What are you going to avoid when you travel?

    Are there things you never do on a trip or that you’d rather avoid? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page ! We are curious and maybe we will learn something from it.


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