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    Backpacken voor Dummies

    Why Backpacking for Dummies is really for you!

    Why Backpacking for Dummies is really for you!

    Backpacking for dummies

    The book Backpacking for dummies is a book that will tell you all about backpacking. But absolutely everything. From preparing for your trip to travelling yourself. This book also shows you what problems you can run into as a backpacker. And more importantly, how do you solve this. Other themes that are extensively discussed in the book are transport, accommodation, budget and above all safety! And all this is cast in the typical “for dummies”-style.

    Our opinion

    Backpacking for dummies is just a very very good book! We have to admit that we used to be a bit childish about the books of “For dummies”. But honestly admittedly, these are really good informative books. Even though you’re not a dummie anymore. This book is no different. It is very well constructed with a lot of information that really matters! If you have a question about backpacking, then this book 99 percent definitely offers the solution. For the layout you should not buy this book, because this book contains only text… A lot of tekst. But frankly we prefer a lot of (useful) text and few images than little, pointless text and lots of images. In short, if you want to go backpacking then you should definitely have read this book.

    Backpacking for Dummies
    Backpacking for Dummies

    Where do you find this book?

    You can find Backpacking for dummies on the site of ‘for dumies ‘. Or you can always order the book from, where you pay around €15 for this book (please note that you buy the 2nd edition). It’s well worth its money when you see what you get in the place!

    Isn’t this book for you? Then be sure to check out the other books. And if I can offer you a nice book, then you should definitely read lonely planet’s book with travel tips. It’s full of good travel tips!

    Let us know if you knew backsuits for dummies and liked it so much. Or maybe you have a nice alternative book about backpacking? Then we’d love to hear it!

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