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    Budget South Africa – What does a trip to South Africa cost?

    Budget for South Africa

    Budget South Africa – What does a trip to South Africa cost?

    South Africa remains one of the most impressive journeys we have made in our lives. The variety between culture, nature and adventure are perfectly balanced here. Therefore, we advise everyone to take a trip to this beautiful country. Of course there is a cost to this and we discuss our budget for South Africa here. Please note: This budget is without airfare. So you have to charge for it. Are you still looking for cheap airline tickets? Be sure to check out Skyscanner.

    Budget in South Africa : Accommodation

    • Hotels: The most expensive way to stay in South Africa is undoubtedly in a hotel. You will pay an average of 80 euros per night for a room. Although you can also find some decent hotels from 40 euros per night. You can find these hotels on
    • Airbnb: A very cheap way to stay and save on your budget in South Africa is to book an Airbnb. There are some simple but well-located Airbnb rooms that you can already rent for 20 euros per night. For example, for 21 days in Cape Town we only paid 440 euros for our overnight stays.

    Budget in South Africa: Food and drink

    On restaurant

    Going to a restaurant in South Africa is not that expensive at all. For example, you will have to pay a maximum of 18 euros per person for food and drink together. Although this is especially true for the restaurants in the interior. If you go to a restaurant in Cape Town, you pay double in some cases. For breakfast in a restaurant we paid a maximum of 6 euros.


    If you stay like us in an Airbnb then cooking yourself is also a cheap option. So we arrived with a budget of 12 euros per person per day. With 3 meals, packed lunches and drinks. The breakfast of course consisted mainly of cornflakes and the packed lunches of bread with chocolate or cheese, but this saved us a lot of money. Every now and then a lunch at restaurant alternates this nicely.

    Budget South Africa: safari
    How much does a trip in South Africa, food?

    Budget in South Africa: Transport

    • Uber: Transport is something we haven’t saved so much because we’ve been constantly using Uber. Which cost us about 2 euros per 15 minutes in the car. Which is not very expensive, but costly compared to other possibilities. Especially for long distances.
    • Car rental: Renting a car is the cheapest and easiest way to cross South Africa. For example, you can already find a car between 25 and 30 euros per day (insurance included). For petrol you currently pay about 80 cents per liter but this may change. More about renting a car can be found here.

    Budget in South Africa: Trips

    The biggest cost in your budget for South Africa is undoubtedly the get out. This can get really bad sometimes. For example, we paid 200 euros for a two-day safari and 130 euros for a helicopter flight over Cape Town. Although, of course, you also have cheaper trips. Such as a wine tasting for only 30 euros and a visit to Table Mountain for only 30 euros. All these trips can be found on GetYourGide. We never save on trips because most of these experiences are priceless and complete your trip.

    Budget South Africa helicopter flight

    What we paid for 23 days in South Africa

    • Accommodation: 600 euros for 2 people (21 days in an Airbnb and 2 days in a Safari Lodge)
    • Food and drink: 400 euros per person (cooking yourself and occasionally at restaurant)
    • Transport: 250 euros for 2 people. (Only used Uber, often walked yourself and stayed long in Cape Town. Flight tickets not included)
    • Trips: 750 euros per person (Nothing saved and some expensive trips made such as a helicopter ride and a 2 day safari)
    • Souvenirs: 150 per person (South Africa has wonderful souvenirs so keep this in mind when calculating your budget)

    All in all, our budget for South Africa was 1725 euros per person for 23 days. Which equates to about 75 euros a day for both accommodation, food and drink, trips, transportation and souvenirs. You can still save on souvenirs and trips. Those travelling alone will end up on a slightly higher budget because the rent of a room and the transport cannot be shared in terms of cost.

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