We will be leaving for Marrakech soon. And if there is one place now where you want to buy souvenirs then it is Marrakech. Although we did well in Mexico. Now there are a few things to consider when buying a souvenir. And we’ve listed these lijstje things here for you using 5 ultimate tips.

5 tips when buying a souvenir

1 Luggage

Tip one actually starts at home and is also something we did wrong on our trip to Mexico. You don’t have to stick your luggage full on departure but so provide enough space for some souvenirs. About a kilo is enough… a long journey might be a little more anticipated. That may seem like a bit much, but believe us, you’re on it faster than you think!

2 Fragileness

Preferably take souvenirs that are not fragile. Because sometimes your luggage has to endure something at the airport, especially when loading and unloading. Do you think it’s a nice souvenir that’s fragile? Then be sure not to put it in your hand luggage but between your clothes in the checked luggage. The chances of your souvenir breaking in your hand luggage are much higher. Because there is often a lot of pushing and dragging with this luggage. This seems to be the opposite, but research has shown this. So take that into account!

3 Legal souvenirs

Make sure you do buy legal souvenirs! And we are not talking about illegal fur, for example, because it is forbiddeneverywhere. But then we’re mainly talking about things that are legal in your holiday destination but illegal in your home country. Like, say, a weapon in America or a certain kind of cigars in Cuba.

Tips for copying souvenirs - Cuba
buy presents in cuba

4 Numbers

Sometimes it can be good to check the numbers you transport. In Europe, for example, there is a rule that you can take a maximum of 90 litres of alchohol from another European country. And from a non-European country even 5 litres. And so there are still many numbers that you have to take into account and you can find them all on the government website.

5 Don’t decide too soon

When buying a souvenir, don’t decide too quickly and compare well. Because it may be that you like something at the first stall but that it is therefore not the best or cheapest option. Do you see on another that it’s cheaper but not nicer? Then try to bid. Because in many tourist regions prices are even raised a bit higher in order to have more margin on the bargaining. So don’t dare to offer when buying a souvenir, but don’t overtake it either. Sellers also just want to earn their money to live.

Buying a souvenir?

What do you pay attention to when buying a souvenir? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. And let us know what your last purchased souvenir is. We are curious!

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