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    4 tips for traveling with the camper in winter

    4 tips for traveling with the camper in winter

    As mentioned before, we leave on a ski holiday in March with the camper. And that sounds simple, but there are still some things to keep in mind. Because driving the camper in winter is not without risk if you know nothing about it. Therefore these tips, so that you can also have a safe and good journey in the future.

    With the camper in the winter

    1 Check in advance

    Checking a few things in advance is essential before you leave. The normal things, such as checking the battery and radiator, are of course self-explanatory. But checking that you have enough antifreeze is at least as important. Taking an extra jerry can therefore does not seem an unnecessary luxury. You also have to check the oil level. It is even recommended to use slightly thinner oil than usual. Putting oil between the door hinges is also a good idea.

    2 Run the engine briefly every day

    For the battery, it is also best that you let the motor of the camper run every day at freezing temperatures. Otherwise, you first have a chance of a empty battery, but also a chance of less power from the battery to even a broken battery. And you can miss that while traveling.

    camper in the winter
    Winter break in March with campeway

    3 Ventilate enough

    When it is cold outside and the heating is running at full speed inside the camper, you have a lot of chance of condensation. Something you would definitely like to avoid. So ventilate your entire camper enough. It is not a bad idea to put something under your mattress during the day, so that air can get under it. Because the mattress is one of the quickest things to know about this moisture. You can also install an air dehumidifier.

    4 Check your toilet

    When traveling with your camper in winter, you should also check whether your camper’s water tank is under the insulated floor or above it. When this is under your insulated floor, it is recommended to fill your empty water tank with antifreeze that is especially suitable for campers. Also check that the tank is neverfull to prevent freezing.

    Do you have any tips for traveling with a camper in the winter?

    Do you have any tips for traveling with a camper in the winter? Let us know in thecomments or on our Facebook page.

    Are you still looking for more tips about traveling with a camper or caravan? Then take a look at the road trip category. If you do not travel with the caravan or camper in winter, it is recommended to store it correctly.

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