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    6 Ultimate Tips for Those Who Want to Camp in Winter

    6 Ultimate Tips for Those Who Want to Camp in Winter

    It’s getting a bit colder and that’s why today we’re giving 6 ultimate tips for those who want to camp in winter. Because if you’re going to travel in the winter with a caravan or motorhome, there are a number of things to look out for. And we’ll show you these things in 6 tips below.

    1. Sufficient gas

    Make sure you have enough gas in stock before you leave. And keep in mind that you use more gas in winter than in the summer! It may be useful to bring an electric fire to help you out of need if necessary.

    2. Don’t freeze your water pipes

    You should check this when you buy your caravan. When the water pipes are placed on the outside of the caravan, this caravan is not suitable for use in winter! So if this is the case, you can change it. This may cost you a few euros now but it will save you a lot of trouble. If they are frozen, a hairdryer may come in handy.

    3. Put floor mats down

    Floor mats can provide additional insulation. And that can be useful in winter! Plus it’s also fun to walk about.

    4. A chimney extension

    Let’s say it’s snowed heavily and your trailer has a 30cm suit. Then it may be useful that you have a chimney extension. This ensures that your normal chimney does not get clogged with snow. And that you don’t have to go out every 2 minutes to shovel snow.

    5. Snow chains

    You can’t forget snow chains either! Even if no snow has been declared at your destination. In Europe it can change quickly in terms of weather and temperature. And then you’re comfortable.

    6. Battery heater ignition

    As a precautionary measure, place a new battery in the stove ignition. It’s best to get a heat-resistant one from the dealer. You never know!


    Camping in winter

    So these were our 6 ultimate tips that we use when we travel with our caravan in the winter. Do you have any other tips? Then let them know us for sure in the comments or on Facebook.

    Still looking for more tips? Take a look at our travel tips. Next Tuesday a new batch of tips. Until then!

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