The Capitol Travel Guide Mexico is thus as the name suggests a travel guide about Mexico. Currently we are in Mexico ourselves and this book has helped us plan our trip. So then a mention on our travel blog is definitely in order. This travel guide is more than just a guide with just addresses and a short explanation. Here information is explained in detail. Everything from history is also covered, from the Mayans to the architecture in this beautiful country. But also the climate and culture are well discussed. This book contains every tourist area in Mexico, which is useful if you want to see the whole country. At the end of this book you will also find a few practical tips that can certainly come in handy.

Capitol travel guide Mexico book

Our opinion

The Ca pistol Travel Guide Mexico was a very handy and fun book to work with. Not only have we had a lot of use for it with our planning, but we’ve also learned a lot from it. The book is a giant source of information. Also the layout of this book is beautifully made, with nice images and even more fun drawings. This book also contains a whole range of addresses with bars. Please know that these addresses that are in this book are usually very busy (touristy!). So you shouldn’t follow all of this book, of course. Sometimes it’s also nice to find or discovera nice bar yourself. But for the rest, this book can certainly help you with your planning.

Where do you buy the Capitol Travel Guide Mexico?

The Capitol Travel Guide Mexico can be found for โ‚ฌ19.95 in the Standard Bookstore, Fnac or at A.S Adventure. But also on Bol.com. We bought our book in the local bookstore, because we like to browse a book before we buy it. This way you can see if the book really appeals to you or if it works usefully. It’s different for everyone. Also make sure that you buy a new version, because a country is always changing so the information about this too!

Of course, you can also use our travel adventures through Mexico to plan your trip. So be sure to take a look at our travel blog.

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