Caravan decorating

The next step in our plan, decorating the caravan. past days were exhausting, to be honest. We both have a permanent job and after that we are only busy with renovating our caravan. There’s hardly any free time. Of course it’s nice to work together on these renovations, but it does require some of your body. Don’t underestimate it.

Today we got a huge energy boost. The sun was shining and we were incredibly excited to decorate a few walls with some summer details. Together we chose 2 main colours in our caravan: white and light blue. Light blue gives the caravan a neat look. It is also a unisex color that we both like very much. And yet there is still enough lying and space will provide. Which is very important to us.

We found the perfect wallpaper to cover one wall with. This wall will be the eye-catcher of our ‘cottage’. In addition, we have already bought beautiful cushions for our seating area. We bought the wallpaper at hubo for a little โ‚ฌ20 which is not so bad. The pillows were slightly more expensive (โ‚ฌ15 each), but they were well worth it!

We’ll leave you in suspense for a while to see the result. See you again!

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