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    5 Tips om veilig caravan te rijden

    5 Tips for Driving a Caravan Safely

    5 Tips for Driving a Caravan Safely

    Tips for driving the caravan

    Today 5 tips for driving the caravan. Driving a caravan to your car is not easy. It’s best to practice a few times in a parking lot before you get on the track. If you don’t have the time to learn, be sure to take these 5 tips into account. They can make the difference and drive the caravan easier and less dangerous Have fun with the 5 tips to drive a caravan safely.

    1 Drive slowly

    This is perhaps one of the most important tips. Driving a caravan means slow driving. You can’t cruise like you normally do on the road. So don’t try this either! By driving slowly, you prevent accidents. You should keep in mind that you are less able to react quickly or flexibly in certain situations. Therefore, drive slowly and keep your distance from other cars.

    2 Buy and use caravan mirrors

    To have a good overview of the cars that drive behind your caravan, you need caravan mirrors. In many countries, it is even mandatory to have these mirrors. It’s also no trouble using them. You just attach them to your car mirrors and get ready! The only downside is the cost. You quickly pay 50 euros for two mirrors.

    3 Loads your caravan balanced

    Loading your caravan well and evenly can make a world of difference when you drive. Both left and right your caravan must be in balance, otherwise you have a chance of swinging along the way. Well loaded also means as much weight at the front of your caravan as it does in the back. Putting all your stuff in the back of the caravan, you better not because then it will take your car too much effort to pull it on. Better is to keep your caravan as light as possible and put the heaviest stuff in your car. This will make it easier to drive up mountains. And avoid swinging the car. The pressure on your car can be measured with a bullet pressure meter that you can get online.

    4 Don’t overtake other cars

    It is unnecessary and doesn’t really make sense to overtake other cars when driving a caravan. Usually you can’t even follow the pace of cars that don’t pull anything. It’s best to stay in the right-hand lane and preferably behind a truck. Our final tip goes into this further.

    5 Stay behind a truck drive

    If possible, it is an option to drive behind a truck on the highway. These usually have a lot of experience with driving and can set the pace. Especially on mountains it is highly recommended to just keep driving behind a truck, this one determines in which gear you drive the mountain best.

    Hopefully you will keep these tips in mind when you drive your caravan next time. You can also always look at pasar for extra information.

    Need any more tips? Be sure to check here.

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