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    5 tips to score a cheap last-minute

    5 tips to score a cheap last-minute

    At the beginning of the Easter holidays, it starts to tickle many to leave on holiday. And maybe with you, too? Have you booked nothing yet and suddenly would you like to go on holiday? Then a
    is the ideal solution! Get some tips for scoring a cheap last-minute. Good luck and hopefully you’ll be able to find a perfect deal. Let us know for sure which last-minute you booked!

    1 Follow social media

    The quickest way to score a cheap last-minute is to follow multiple travel companies on social media. And often check these pages. Because here these organizations usually post their best offers in order to ensure good advertising. So you will find not only the last-minute’s, but also the best last-minute’s. Sometimes you can really find top offers here that you should not doubt, because then they are gone immediately.

    2 TravelUnlimited

    TravelUnlimited is a website and also blog that searches for you the best offers of the moment and shares them with you. Please note, these are usually only the plane tickets. But they recently found that you can return to the Dominican Replubiek for 299 euros.

    Not bad, right? Well worth it so to visit this website regularly and see if there is anything that can please you. Also is a website that offers this.

    3 Newsletters

    Sign up for newsletters from travel companies. This can sometimes be a bit annoying in your mailbox but they are quite useful when searching for a last-minute. Especially since there are often nice and cheap offers in between. One solution to get all those newsletters organized anyway is to create a folder in your outlook where all your emails from travel companies end up. That’s how we do it and that works fine. We also have a newsletter where we give some nice offers to our readers every month. You can easily register via the registration form in the right sidebar on this page.

    4 Take it into your own hands

    With this tip to score a cheap last-minute, you’ll need a little more guts. It can sometimes help to call a hotel yourself and hear if there are offers. Then there is no need for a travel agent or intermediary, which can saveyou some money. And is some cases you can also negotiatethe price. But don’t hope for this too much.

    5 The usual tricks

    Of course, a last-minute holiday is also a regular holiday to which you can apply other tips. Just think of tips to book your flight cheaper

    or tips to find a cheap hotel.

    Or how about tips to
    save on transportation?
    You can also applythem to almost all of them at a last-minute.

    With last-minute’s always pay attention for hidden costs with the fine print!

    Cheap last-minute

    Hopefully these tips will help you find and book a cheap last-minute. Do you have a better tip or other tips? We’d like to hear that in the comments or on Facebook.

    Next Tuesday a new appointment with a new load of travel tips. Until then!

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