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    6 Tips for flying to the sun cheaper in autumn

    6 Tips for flying to the sun cheaper in autumn

    Unfortunately, summer is over and that means that autumn and winter are gradually coming. Don’t panic, even in winter you can fly to the sun easily and cheaply. We’ll give you 6 tips to fly to the sun cheaper in the fall.


    On the websites of travel companies such as TUI, Thomas Cook, Neckermann, etc. you can find offers to the sun all year round. In the autumn, these offers are usually even more worthwhile. You can keep an eye on this one. You can choose not only ‘full packages’ on these websites, but also only your hotel and plane ticket. With Ryanair you won’t fly far, so you won’t have much sun at your destination in the autumn, but with Thomas Cook you’ll fly to exotic destinations, for example. You can buy your ticket to the sun on their website. And that can be extra advantageous to, for example, Thailand, Maldives or Dominican Republic.

    2.Other websites

    Apart from the well-known websites of travel companies, there are plenty of other websites that can make travel cheaper for you. For example, there are websites that look up the best deals of the moment just for you. One of our own favorites is the website TravelUnlimited.

    This website searches all airline websites to list the cheapest airline tickets for you. There are also beautiful sun holidays. Highly recommended! Outside of this website there are
    still websites that you can consult
    to find deals.

    3.Scoring your own tickets

    Although there are many offers for a winter sun holiday on the well-known websites of travel companies, it is best to plan your winter sun holiday yourself. This will be much cheaper in most cases. Have you always dreamed of a holiday to South Africa, Mexico or Bali? You can search online for your own airline tickets. To find these the cheapest, we would recommend using websites such as Skyscanner

    and Cheaptickets. Here you can set a price alert to book your flight when it is the cheapest.

    4.Autumn period

    The summer holidays (June to September) are usually the most expensive months to travel. So it is undoubtedly already cheaper to travel outside this season, but it will be even cheaper in the autumn period. Some (exotic) destinations are just wildly popular in winter. Think of, for example, Mexico or Dominican Republic. Just because in the autumn, and especially in winter, the weather there is excellent. It’s not as hot as it is in the summer, but it’s a lot warmer than it was with us. A holiday to (very) faraway countries is not always cheaper in winter.


    How cheap your winter sun holiday is also depends on your destination. Popular sun holidays are of course more expensive than lesser-known destinations. This way you can better search for airline tickets for less popular destinations. This could be Brazil, Senegal or Menorca, for example. Very popular destinations include Thailand, Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Greece. These may also be more expensive (in airfare). So yes the destination can make you travel to the sun more cheaply.


    Finally, you can also make your stay on your winter sun holiday cheaper by booking it separately from your flight. We usually look on websites like Airbnb

    and Booking to record our stay. Websites like Hotwire can also help to arrange a cheap stay. At this website you do not know in advance in advance in which hotel you will stay in, but you can make‘demands’. So it’s a surprise where you’ll spend the night, until you’ve booked and paid, but usually you’ll get more for your money. The hotels that are on it have always had a good review. This is also completely reliable.

    Are you going to leave and go to the sun cheaper?

    Are you planning to go on holiday to the sun in the autumn? Which
    do you prefer? And hopefully you’ll benefit from these tips to get to the sun cheaper. Please let us know via the comments or our Facebook page.

    Would you like to go on a last-minute holiday? We’ll give you the
    ultimate travel tips
    to do it even more cheaply! Have fun travelling!

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