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    5 Things You Should Check Before Departure

    5 Things You Should Check Before Departure

    We leave sunday again on sunday and this time the destination is the beautiful Marrakech. Now there are a few things you should check before you leave. And that’s what we’re going to do this week. And to make things a little easier for you in the future, we’ll list some of those things. So you can check this before you leave on a trip.

    5 Things You Should Check Before Departure

    1 Vaccinations and papers

    Make sure you don’t need vaccinations for your destination, because in some cases it is even mandatory. Although we recommend that you never save on vaccinations. Also checking if you need an international passport is definitely recommended as well as checking that you don’t need a visa. For example, you have to have a visa to get into America. This processing process can even take up to a week, so timely requests are recommended. Do you want to know which papers you need for your destination? Then you can easily check that out on the government site.

    2 Find someone

    If you are travelling longer, it is advisable to find someone who will come to your home every other week to see if everything is ok. To collect the mail, or   possibly feed pets and water plants. Also, temporarily stop your subscriptions to magazines or newspapers. And when you get back, you can activate them again. It saves you a lot of money and you have less mail.

    3 Correct luggage dimensions

    Something that you should also check before departure is the dimensions that your suitcase can have as well as the weight of the baggage allowed. Because on some airlines they are very strict about this. And they even give you a hefty fine,and that’s not how you really want to start your vacation. Of course, also take into account your souvenirs that you are going to buy on holiday.

    4 Check your insurance

    Before you leave, make sure your insurance is in order and check what is right. And make sure the insurance is in effect at your destination. In most cases this is true but the exception confirms the rule of course! Are you looking for the right insurance? Be sure to check out our tips for the right insurance.

    5 Check that everything is off

    Perhaps this is the most important point in this list of things you better check before leaving. Make sure everything in the house is‘off’. And above all, we mean that all you’ve dropped off, like your fire and furnace. But also that you closed all your windows well. It is even recommended to unplug all your plugs and not only for safety but also just for consumption. Because a device on standby certainly consumes enough. And throwing the money away would be a shame.

    What are you paying attention to?

    This was the list of things you better check before leaving. Hopefully it would help you and if you have any useful tips, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. See you next week for more travel tips!

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