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    All Christmas movies in 2018 on Netflix reviewed by us

    All Christmas movies in 2018 on Netflix reviewed by us

    Christmas is almost coming and what could be more fun than watching a Christmas movie together with the family? And this year, this is possible on Netflixtoo , because in addition to the offer that was already there last year, Netflix has released a lot of new movies including even a sequel to A Christmas Prince. We watched all these Christmas movies and gave them a review for you. Read all about the Christmas movies in 2018here.

    Christmas movies in 2018

    The Holiday Calendar 6.5/10

    A struggling but talented photographer inherits an antique advent calendar from her grandmother for the holidays, the content of which seems to predict the future. Will she be able to get her life in order with her best friend and grandfather? And most importantly, will she be able to make her dreams come true?

    Our opinion

    Although this is a nice romantic story, it is still predictable. So you can predict the full film after 10 minutes and that’s unfortunate. Although you usually have this in Christmas movies. And that’s it just now, for us this is not really a Christmas movie (despite the advent calendar) but above all a romantic film that takes place in the Christmas period. So it’s not the best Christmas movie in 2018, but it’s worth a look and especially if you’re looking for a light-hearted film.

    Christmas with a view 6.5/10

    A manager in a hotel restaurant thinks only about working and working. And does everything possible to finish as high as possible. In fact, it’s so bad that family comes second, even around the Christmas period. Although that may change because of the new chef in the restaurant. Which is very well known and also highly coveted. Will he change her or will it turn out completely different?

    Our opinion

    That he is one of the Christmas movies of 2018 is only because the story takes place in the Christmas period. But honestly, you do have a nice Christmas feeling with this film and partly because everything at Christmas is also about family. But overall this film is not high quality and sometimes somewhat weird (especially in the beginning) and very predictable… Our conclusion is that it’s a good B-movie, but that’s it.

    The Christmas Chronicles 9/10

    After a brother and his sister accidentally crash Santa’s sled, Christmas is in grave danger. The goal now is to save Christmas one night with the help of a Santa like you’ve never seen him before. Although they also get some extra help from the well-known reindeer and elves. Especially when Santa is no longer able to help. Will they be able to deliver a package to all the children in time?

    Our opinion

    Finally, a Christmas movie, made by Netflix, with a Santa Claus in it. It’s not a typical Santa claus as you know him, but one with spirit, which makes it extra fun to watch. For us this is the ideal Christmas movie to watch with the whole family. The film has a fascinating story and beautifully made images. Although they might have tried a little more with the fairies. Although this isn’t something we really bothered about. This movie is a real Christmas topper and arguably the best Christmas movie in 2018 on Netflix.

    The Princes switch 7.5/10

    When a down-to-earth Chicago pastry star and a future princess of Belgravia meet, they discover they’re doppelgangers. And because the future princess of this weird Christmas country wants to know what it’s like to be ordinary before she gets married, they decide to changethree days of life. Will everything be the same after these 3 days? That’s the question.

    Our opinion

    Although this is more of a romantic story, this is indeed a Christmas movie. And this is partly due to the whole atmosphere that hangs in the made-up land of Belgravia. Because this country is just breathing Christmas the way you would only experience it in your dreams. And that makes it very fun and cozy to watch. The fact that the lead role is played by Vanessa Hudgens is only a plus because she plays this role very well, like all her opponents, by the way. This movie brings you into the Christmas spirit.

    Puppy Star Christmas 5/10

    When a few dogs have a setback in life, they fall on the wrong path. They then decide to kidnap Santa so they can ask for money for all the toys the elves make. However, there are other good puppies who will do everything they can to help Santa Claus and save Christmas.

    Our opinion

    We know that this film is mainly made for children, but that really doesn’t make this film any better. The story is weakly played and the film’s budget doesn’t seem to be that big either. Especially when you know what technology exists today. On top of that, the voice over is very poorly done. Maybe we’re a little strict, but compared to the Beethoven and Chipmunks movies, you just know there’s more to it than this. I hope kids think it’s better than us.

    A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding 7/10

    The sequel to last year’s A Christmas Prince follows the loyalty that is coming between the two lovebirds. Although this does not seem to be going as hoped due to a political crisis. Will it remain a political crisis or will the crisis succeed in their relationship?

    Our opinion

    Although this film is not bad, it is still a lot less than its predecessor. Partly because there might be a few fewer surprises in it and because a sequel might not have been immediately necessary. Similarly, no second Snow White or Sleeping Beauty has been made. Because once a fairy tale is told, it’s over. But apart from the lesser story, this is a feel-goodfilm where you don’t have to think too much.

    Christmas movies in 2018

    What Christmas movies are you looking forward to on Netflix in 2018? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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