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    10 Countries you didn’t even know existed

    10 Countries you didn’t even know existed

    There are about two hundred (recognized) countries in the world and we can’t possibly know them all, let alone visit them. But if you want to go for a lesser-known country for your next holiday, maybe you can pick one from this list. These are 10 countries you didn’t even know existed or countries you’d forgotten existed.

    10 Countries you didn’t even know existed


    The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf for Saudi Arabia. It is an island state of 33 islands connected to bridges. Bahrain is especially important for oil due to its central location. A connecting road from Bahrain to Qatar is currently under construction. The most common faith is Islam.

    Republic of Benin

    The Republic of Benin is located in Africa and has about as many inhabitants as Belgium. Benin is currently in negative gearing because of possible attacks and kidnappings from the conflict with Niger. Too bad because here you still have beautiful National Parks where you can spot wildlife.

    Falkland islands

    The Falkland Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina. Here you will discover beautiful landscapes and you can spot penguins on the beach. You can be pretty sure that no one from your circle of friends or family has been here before. Definitely recommended in this list of countries you didn’t even know existed.10 Countries you didn’t even know existed10 Countries you didn’t even know existed10 Countries you didn’t even know existed


    Guyana borders Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela in South America. The country has different populations and Christianity and Hinduism are the most common of faith. The country has an incredibly impressive nature.


    Lesotho is a country in Africa that is completely surrounded by South Africa. It only became independent in 1966 and has a king as head of state. Lesotho is one of three countries that are completely surrounded by another country. Unfortunately, the country is experiencing health problems. For example, HIV and Aids are common among the population. But don’t let that stop you from discovering the beautiful nature there.


    You may have heard of Swaziland. A small country that is surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique, without coastline. It is a very poor country as almost 70% live below the poverty line. This destination is suitable for adventurous travelers who love action, safaris and authenticity.


    Timor-Leste or East Timor is a country in Southeast Asia that gained independence from Indonesia in 2002. West Timor is still part of Indonesia. Almost 100% of the population in East Timor is Christian. Timo-Leste is known by vast beaches marked with green mountains. This is perhaps the most unknown in this list of countries you didn’t even know existed.

    Republic of Togo

    This country on the African continent borders Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso and the Atlantic Ocean. Togo is seen as a poor country. We don’t know if the country is suitable for a luxurious holiday, but for all those who love an unusual country or would like to volunteer, you can definitely come here.


    You may have heard of Turkmenistan before, but this country is probably also (fairly) unknown to you. This country, which gained independence in 1991, is located in Asia and borders Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Iraq. And it’s on the Caspian Sea. There are only two religions allowed in this country, namely Islam and Russian Orthodoxy. Turkmenistan has mainly desert area. They speak Turkmen that comes from the Turkish language.

    Faroe islands

    The Faroe Islands is an archipelago in Europe but does not belong to the European Union. The archipelago is located near Norway, Scotland and Iceland. This makes the location of this destination completely ideal from Belgium or the Netherlands. There is still unspoilt nature to be found and many places where you can be completely alone. This destination is not for nothing called ‘the best secret in Europe’.

    Unknown destinations

    So this was the list of 10 countries you didn’t even know existed. How many of these unknown destinations did you know? Or which one would you like to visit? Let us know in the commentsor on our Facebook page. Or are there other unknown countries that you think we should discuss here?

    10 Countries you didn't even know existed

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