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    6 Tips to Survive a World Trip as a Couple

    6 Tips to Survive a World Trip as a Couple

    We made a 3-month world trip as a couple a month ago. Travelling for such a long time as a couple is not easy. You don’t get to know each other until you spend day in, day out together. That’s why we give 6 tips to survive a world trip as a couple.

    1 Rules

    Travelling the world with your loved one brings you closer together, but it can also cause annoyances. Therefore, agree a few rules with each other before you leave. This can be ‘When I’m tired, leave me alone’ or ‘We try to get up at about the same time every day and go to sleep’. But it can also be banal, unspoken things that you need to bring up. This is to avoid (minor) annoyances on the trip.

    2 Break

    Pause is an important second point to survive a world tour together. Not only is it important to take a break between all the sights, but also pause in your relationship or at least in being together continuously. When you’re at home, you’re not together 24/24. You go to work or go to school, or you meet up with friends… And just because you can’t always see each other in everyday life, your relationship remains fun and exciting. On a trip you can also maintain this. Therefore, read a few break moments per day (or per week) so that you are equally separate. For example, you can spend an hour in separate rooms, or even take a trip alone.

    3 Me-time

    Not only is taking a break is important, it is also sometimes necessary to take me-time. Taking an afternoon (or a whole day) forwhat you like is indispensable if you are going to travel for a long time. Why don’t you go out on your own? There are undoubtedly things you’d rather do alone than together. Or things your partner absolutely doesn’t like to do and you do. Do this kind of thing once a week and it will give you breathing space. And you don’t have to take each other into account. And in retrospect, you have so much to say to each other. Fine, right?

    4 Contacts

    If, like us, you are travelling the world as a couple, be sure to keep in touch with the home front. It is so important to (often!) call family or friends you are close to. You can tell your story and it’s good to hear another familiar voice. Communicating with your love all the time can become monotonous after a while. You should try to avoid that. And if you go through everything together, you still want to tell your adventures and that’s why calling a good friend or family member is a good idea! Give each other some quality time on the phone with friends.

    5 Tolerance

    Living together, making decisions together, going out together, eating together, relaxing together,… It’s events that can make you disagree with each other. And that’s perfectly normal. The most important thing is to be able to talk about this openly. Allow your partner to vent his feelings for a moment and let your partner talk about what annoys him/her. Don’t take everything personally and be tolerant.

    6 Quarrels

    If you travel for a long time, it is quite normal to argue occasionally. In fact, it’s normal to argue more often than at home. It’s usually minor annoyances that come up because you’ve been together so long, that lead to arguing. So you can avoid arguments a lot by inserting a little more me-time and breaks, but never arguing is inevitable. As long as these fights don’t last, everything’s okay. So try to resolve an argument as quickly as possible by talking to each other and being tolerant. After all, you have to make up quickly, otherwise you will have nothing to do with your onward journey. Let stubbornness give way to tolerance. No one is perfect and on a journey you get to know each other completely. The positives, but also the lesser things.

    Are you going on a world trip as a couple?

    Do you have plans to go on a world tour as a couple? What’s stopping you or what are you most looking forward to? Let these 6 tips be a source of inspiration to start this adventure even better prepared together!

    Will you soon be traveling with your lover again? Check out our most complete checklist for your luggage so you don’t forget anything and enjoy each other even more! Have fun travelling! In the meantime, you can also follow us on Facebook.

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