Summer is without a doubt our favorite season and this period can make you even more enjoyable by bringing in some things. Your holiday will only become truly unforgettable when you experience beautiful moments. And there are a few gadgets that can help you with that. Here you will find the best summer gadgets you should have for that unforgettable summer!

The 10 best summer gadgets

1 Rodeostier

Nothing like a big pool party during tropical temperatures, right? And a pool party is only complete with custom floaties, i.e. inflatable figures, to float up in the pool. Nowadays you have all kinds of figures but our favourite is the Intex inflatable rodeo bull. A competition that can stay the longest? This floatie will no doubt give you a lot of fun assured during your next pool party with friends!

2 Floating island

If it’s something bigger and more, there’s a very luxurious floatie for sale now. Actually, it’s a floating island where you can float with about six to eight people at a time. Lounging or paddling, it can be on this luxurious floatie. Take your holiday to the next level? Or impress your friends? Then you need these!

3 Universal world plug

A universal world plug allows you to charge your electronics anywhere in the world. It fits in (almost) every outlet and that’s why you have to have this with you if you travel a lot. Frankly we wouldn’t know what to do without this gadget. It goes with every trip. And is perhaps our favorite of these cutest summer gadgets.

4 Inflatable kayak

If you like to seek out some adventure during the summer, you can definitely use this gadget! An inflatable kayak for two people sounds too good to be true. And yet it exists and you can buy it now! This kayak on top of that is not that expensive at all. Cheap, easy to transport and extremely convenient. The perfect summer gadget that is now on our wishlist!

5 Powerbank

If you’re planning on traveling or taking a trip during the summer, it’s handy to also bring a good power bank in your suitcase or backpack. This allows you to charge your smartphone or camera when there is no outlet nearby. Very useful on long treks or when you are camping in remote places, for example. Or as a backup when you use your smartphone a lot. Who can’t use this gadget now?

6 Waterproof phone case

Summer is a water fun and that’s often a risk for your smartphone. But now that’s completely a thing of the past if you use a waterproof phone case. For any water activity you can protect your smartphone in this and you can even easily and safely take photos underwater. A gadget we can’t miss anymore!

7 Fan

Summer temperatures, it’s fun. But admittedly, too exotic days are annoying. Especially when you’re inside without cooling. That’s why you need a good fan more than ever. This Pure Cool Tower is ideal for cooling your home in a pleasant way and also cleaning the air. If you are only looking for a decent fan for a low price, we recommend the (copper coloured) stand fan. This is beautiful in your interior and is especially very functional. Two birds with one stone!

8 Sticky tattoos

When you think about summer, you automatically think of festivals. Now that the festival season has fully started, we are looking for the right outfit or that one extra thing that completes your outfit. Then it can be nice to place one or more (colorful) paste tattoo(s) on your body. At the moment it is very much in order to fill yourself with colorful drawings because it gives an extra touch to your appearance. But if you prefer not to have a permanent drawing, you can experiment endlessly with sticky tattoos and it also produces unique photos. A must for the festivals!

9 Lounge seat

If you really want to be original this summer, check out this original lounge sofa! This sofa or sofa has an original print and you can make endless combinations so that your seat is definitely unique. With palettes under the seat, complete the whole thing and summer proof! Bet your neighbors will be jealous of your original lounge?

10 Pocket printer

If you end up having an unforgettable moment during the summer, you’d like to capture it on photo. Printed photos are still more fun than a digital photo. Those photos eventually disappear somewhere on your smartphone. That’s why you’d better buy a pocket printer. A very nice gadget to print pictures from your smartphone right away. And you can buy this HP pocket printer at an unprecedented high discount! This way you can also give everyone in your company the same photo as a gift and the memories of a beautiful summer remain vivid.

Your favorite gadget?

What is your ultimate summer gadget? Let us know via the comments or on Facebook. We hope that you can experience a radiant and enjoyed summer (holiday)!

Pinterets: The 10 best summer gadgets

The 10 best summer gadgets

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