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    5 tips to learn more about your destination

    5 tips to learn more about your destination

    Find out more about your destination

    Everyone knows: You have found your dream destination, but you don’t quite know what to do at this destination. At that moment a search begins that is fun but sometimes also exhausting, because you want the perfect holiday of course. We’ll tell you today how. you will learn more about your destination and therefore plan this more easily in the future. Although we have to tell you, don’t plan too much and let it happen to you.

    1 Buy a book about your destination

    The best but also the most expensive method to find out more about your destination is to buy a book about your destination. These books usually contain so much information that you can’t find anywhere else. The disadvantage of this is that there is usually a price tag. For a decent travel guide you pay an average of 20 euros. Which of course is not much for the perfect planning. A travel book is also useful that you can take it on holiday.

    2 Blogs

    A second, and completely free, method is to read blogs about your destination. The advantage of blogs, of course, is that they are usually honest posts that also dare you to show the real problems and lesser sides of a destination. Which you sometimes can’t find in books. You can also interact with bloggers, for example when you have other questions besides what you’ve already read. For example, you can already find a lot on our travel blog, and hopefully also something about your destination.

    3 Holiday fairs

    Where you can also find a lot of information is at holiday fairs such as the Holiday Salon. Not only can you find thousands of brochures from different destinations, but you can also speak to people who know the area through and through. And if that’s not enough, you can also attend lectures there for additional information or inspiration. We also give a lecture every day at the holiday salon in Antwerp. Would you like to be there? Then you can win free tickets with us.

    Learn more about your destination
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    4 Facebook groups

    Nowadays, Facebook can also be very easy to find out more about your destination. For example, almost every destination has a Facebook group where you can ask all kinds of questions for your trip. the good thing here is that it is also completely free. And your questions are answered by real connoisseurs and locals. This often gives you even more tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

    5 Tripadvisor

    The last tip to find out more about your destination is of course Tripadvisor. Here are all the popular trips you can do during your trip. The nice thing about this is that you can read a lot of reviews so you immediately know if something is worth it or not. Pay attention, because most trips you can find on Tripadvisor are very touristy.

    What do you do to learn more about your destination?

    What do you do to learn more about your destination while planning your trip? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page.

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