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    Our favourite destinations for 2019

    Our favourite destinations for 2019

    A new year is coming. The ideal time to book your trip cheaply and cheaply for the coming year. And to give you some inspiration, we’ve made a list of our favorite destinations you can visit in 2019. Have fun with our favourite destinations for 2019!

    Our favourite destinations for 2019

    Sayulita (Mexico)

    The most beautiful location we saw this year, and definitely recommend it, is Sayulita. It is the most cozy spot on the coast in Mexico that we know. And especially because of the quiet non-tourist vibe that you can still find there. A peace that you won’t find anywhere else, and certainly not on such a beautiful coastline. A coastline that only becomes more beautiful and magical at sunset. A romantic destination without a doubt! A day trip to the famous Puerto Vallarta is also part of the possibilities. You can read more about this destination here.

    San Diego (USA)

    Although we are not the biggest fan of the big cities in America, San Diego stands out for us. And yet this city often stands in the shadow of the famous Los Angeles . And that’s actually very regrettable and unfair because this city has so much to offer. So you have the best zoo in the world, a cozy city centre,a huge and beautiful park and many sports in giant stadiums that you can watch. Also the atmosphere that hangs here is simply nice and the people there are friendly. You can read more about this destination here.

    Marrakesh (Morocco)

    Although Marrakesh is a bit crowded and there is no real peace of mind (outside in the riads), this destination is really recommended. Because impressive and beautiful buildings can be found here almost behind every corner. It is also a good way to get in touch with a completely different culture without having to throw thousands of euros at it. This one was definitely part of it for our favourite destinations for 2019. You can read more about this destination here.

    Your favourite destinations for 2019?

    What are your recommended or favourite destinations for 2019? Let us know for sure in the comments or on our facebook page. Because we too could use some inspiration.

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