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    7 tips to prevent illness while traveling

    7 tips to prevent illness while traveling

    Today we give 7 tips to prevent illness on the road. And these are tips that we had better followed ourselves. Because after 3 weeks we didn’t manage to stay completely healthy. Sigrid had
    fallen ill and in Mexico
    that is not everything because the doctors here barely speak English. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to prevent this from happening in the future. And of course we would like to share this with you to make your holiday a lot more pleasant.

    1 Avoid air conditioning

    Air con is the big culprit during a holiday to hot countries. That may also be how we got sick. How cool and good this feels at the moment, it’s so bad afterwards. Air conditioning creates far too cold air on your sweaty body which can give you a cold. In addition, air conditioning also ensures that bacteria spread easily in the air. So try to avoid air conditioning as much as possible (and definitely not stand nearby!) or at least cover your neck. Because even people with joint pain can get worse symptoms when air conditioning blows directly on their body.

    2 No tap water

    In Belgium we have the luxury that all tap water is drinkable. But that is not   the case in all countries. Especially in warm countries and on most islands this is often not so. So always check it out. If it is not drinkable, go buy a bottle of water in the store so that you can brush your teeth with clean water. Because this, too, can make you sick. This may sound logical, but unfortunately this still makes people sick during their holidays. Also pay attention with ice cubes in drinks in distant countries. Some (cheap) restaurants and bars use tap water for this!

    3 Listen to your body

    Listen to your body and try not to exert yourself too much in one day. Usually you want to see as much as possible in one day, but usually you don’t enjoy your trip enough but it also exhausts your body. As a result, you may get sick and spend the rest of the holiday sick in bed. Of course, you want to avoid that. Therefore, plan your days well and don’tfill them up. Because when you’re tired, you’re much more susceptible to bacteria than usual. So listen to your own body. If you need rest then you have to respect this and just rest for a while.

    4   Not in standing water

    In warm countries, it’s best not to swim in the wild in stagnant water. Because in standing water with a temperature of at least 25 degrees, bacteria develop very quickly. Legionella bacteria in particular is quite common. Inhaling this bacterium can even cause a bad form of pneumonia. So never swim in stagnant water in nature but opt for a swimming pool, sea or river in warm countries.

    5 Vaccinations

    Check in advance if you need vaccinations for the country you’re traveling to. The syringes are therefore not always mandatory but recommended. For example, we did not take any risks before
    our trip to Mexico
    and were vaccinated against all possible diseases that occur here. We also recommend never saving on this. Because if you get really sick, this will probably cost you a lot more. Also, always check if you are going to a malaria area or not. If this is the case, it’s best to get malaria pills from the pharmacy.

    6 Protect yourself from the sun

    Our next tip against illness on the trip is a very logical but not always used tip. No one wants to be burned or, at worst, have a solar strike. So get into it! Rather with a high factor and a little extra lubrication, than choose too low a factor and smear too little. Don’t save on sunscreen either. It’ll save you a lot of misery. Always cover your head and don’t walk in the blasphemy all day. And remember to drink enough water. Also from dehydration you can get sick.

    7 Watch your food

    As at home, just think logically. Always check that your food is well-baked, and dare to say something if it isn’t. Avoid soft ice cream and similar things that you know can be harmful to your health. Also on the beach you often see vendors walking around with drinks or fruit and this usually looks delicious. Don’t try anyway, because this too is usually a source of bacteria that you don’t want to ingest.

    8   Prevent airplane bacteria

    It has been proven that you ingest a lot more bacteria in an airplane than on the ground. Up to 100 times more. That’s quite a bit if you ask us. Therefore, drink enough (especially water)   on the plane to prevent dehydration so that the bacteria do not get free rein and your immune system remains strong. Washing your hands regularly with a hand gel can also help. You can even think of putting a scarf in front of your mouth while sleeping. All the little bits help in this case!

    9 Know yourself

    Know yourself and avoid possible diseases that you are prone to. For example, if you   are going to travel by car preventief or bus and you are often carsick, it is best to take a pill preventively. Also for people who often have migraines or suffer from another disease, it is best to take preventive action. And always bring your own medication on a trip. This is mainly medication that you often have to take at home. After all, medication abroad can be very different from home.

    Do you have any tips   to prevent illness while travelling?

    These were our 7 tips to prevent illness on the trip! Most of these tips seem logical and well known to us. I hope it helps you with illness on vacation. Because it’s a shame to be sick on vacation. If you have any tips   to prevent illness while   travelling, we’d love to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

    Next Tuesday a new load of travel tips on our travel blog. Until then!

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