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    weekend in Malmedy
    Weekend away in Malmedy
    2020 is the year of the staycation. Although a few travel abroad, most Belgians stay in their own country en masse. We also explore our own country a little better this summer and a visit to the Ardennes cannot be […]
    The climate in Cuba
    The climate in Cuba: Everything you need to know When you go on holiday somewhere, it is always useful to know what the weather is like in the area. This way you know roughly what kind of clothes to bring […]
    The Netherlands with the camper
    Holiday in the Netherlands with the camper
    Our first trip in a few months is a fact. We were unable to go abroad for a long time because of the Corona crisis, but that finally changed last week. We chose to stay close to home and travel […]
    Is Mexico safe to travel?
    We are often asked whether Mexico is safe to travel. This question usually comes from people who hear negative things about the country in the media. And that is a shame, because this beautiful country is often associated with crime, […]
    Beste reistijd Jamaica
    Best travel time Jamaica: weather, climate and crowds
    What’s the best travel time for Jamaica? That depends on what you want to do there and exactly where you go! Maybe this isn’t the first country you think about when planning a vacation. Nevertheless, more and more people travel […]

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