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Is Mexico safe to travel?
We are often asked whether Mexico is safe to travel. This question usually comes from people who hear negative things about the country in the media. And that is a shame, because this beautiful country is often associated with crime, […]
Beste reistijd Jamaica
Best travel time Jamaica: weather, climate and crowds
What’s the best travel time for Jamaica? That depends on what you want to do there and exactly where you go! Maybe this isn’t the first country you think about when planning a vacation. Nevertheless, more and more people travel […]
Visa for Cuba - everything you need to know
How do you arrange a visa for Cuba?
How do you arrange a visa for Cuba? Cuba is a special country to visit. It has a turbulent and incredibly interesting history along with a unique and tropical nature. It is the ideal place for a sun holiday where […]
Tropezienne Cake
Saint Tropezienne Cake
What is a Tropezienne Pie? Tropezienne Pie. Or “Tarte Tropรฉzienne” as they say in French is a kind of cake that originates from Saint-Tropez. He owes his name to Brigitte Bardot. The one for the movie  ‘Et Dieu crรฉa la femme’ […]
Story At Riverdale High, the school of the town of Riverdale where Betty, Archie, Jughead and newcomer Veronica sit. There’s a strange atmosphere after the death of one of the students. It’s not just any student. Jason Blossom is the […]
Netflix more expensive in the future
What gets more expensive? The single-screen subscription in SD remains 7.99 euros,but the two-screen subscription in HD goes from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros. The most expensive four-screen subscription in HD and Ultra HD goes from 11.99 euros to 13.99 […]

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