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Beste reistijd Jamaica -Klimaat

Best travel time Jamaica: weather, climate and crowds

Best travel time Jamaica: weather, climate and crowds

What’s the best travel time for Jamaica? That depends on what you want to do there and exactly where you go! Maybe this isn’t the first country you think about when planning a vacation. Nevertheless, more and more people travel to beautiful Jamaica. And that’s not so crazy. The country is known for its delicious rum, reggae and beautiful tropical beaches. Is there a trip to Jamaica on the schedule? Read on to find out what the best travel time is.

Best travel time Jamaica

In Jamaica it is nice and warm all year round. In that respect, you can always go on holiday to this beautiful island. Nevertheless, certain periods are more suitable than others, since Jamaica has a rainy season in addition to a dry season. Please also note that it is busier during some months than during the rest of the year.

The temperature in Jamaica

Jamaica’s tropical climate brings warm temperatures throughout the year. However, the sun does not always shine brightly. Especially between 12:00 and 14:00 it can be very hot on the island. During the rainy season it is the warmest; the average temperature is then a maximum of 30 degrees. In the dry season, on the other hand, it averages 28 degrees.

Avoid the rainy season

The amount of precipitation in Jamaica can vary by month, but also by location. Do you want to lie on the beach during your stay in Jamaica? Then it is best to avoid the months of May to June and September to November. During these periods, most of the rain falls. In some parts of Jamaica there is more precipitation than in others. The capital of Jamaica, Kingston, is one of the drier places. The Portland district, on the other hand, is the wettest destination.

Climate in Jamaica - Swimming
Statue Usain Bolt and Bob Marley

Beach holidays and touring

If you like beach holidays, the best travel time for Jamaica is especially the months of February and March. In January and April you can often lie on the beach, but in general there is a little more rain in these months. Would you like to tour Jamaica? Then it is best to do this in the months between December and April. From December to April you have the best chance of a tight blue sky and little precipitation. Book your flight to Jamaica here.

Best travel time Jamaica: Crowds

Most people who go on holiday to Jamaica do this during the drier periods, in high season. The high season in Jamaica runs between December and April. Please note that during this period, the prices of restaurants, cafes and hotels will be increased. Especially around Christmas and at Easter it is very busy on the island. Are you planning to go around a lot and discover all the highlights of this unique island? Then you might want to go on holiday to Jamaica outside the high season. That way you can explore the island in peace!

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