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    Best Travel Tips from Lonely Planet

    Best Travel Tips from Lonely Planet


    This is a book by
    Lonely Planet
    that provides useful tips on ‘travel’. The tips in this book will help you make your trip better, safer and cheaper. This can range from buying airline tickets in an economical way to how best to make your suitcase. They have done this in the form of 50 ultimate travel tips. Each tip has one page of text and one page with a nice illustration. At the back of the book there are also some tables and maps that can help you travel.

    Lonely Planet Review

    Our opinion

    This is a very nice book brought in an entertaining way. Although this is mainly a book for the novice traveller or for the traveler who does not travel often. For someone who has been travelling longer or travels very often, this book doesn’t have much to offer because you will have already applied these tips yourself. The tips on packing are useful for us and perhaps also for you. You learn to make your suitcase more efficient. Very useful if you like to take as much as possible with you on a trip, just like us. Also the annex with tables is convenient and very useful! Especially the list of sockets by country and the tipping touchis really useful. We definitely recommend this book if you are just beginning to travel, otherwise this might be a waste of money. Money you spend better on a delicious cocktail on holiday!

    Where do you find this book?

    You can buy this book from the Lonely Planet site. But you can also find the book in most Standard Book Store.

    You will also find this book in the A.S.Adventure. The price of this book may vary a bit from shop to shop, but you pay anywhere about anything around 10 euros.

    Isn’t this book for you? Then be sure to check
    if there can be any other book interesting for you. Don’t feel like spending money on a book? Then we have some free tips for you that you can check out here.

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