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Collaborate with us?

Do you want to collaborate with Roadtrippers of the Sun? Make it possible! If you have an idea, proposition or question for us, please email us at You can also find our professional skills below. If you want, you can also contact us here.

Collab as?


Of course you can approach us as a blogger. We enjoy working with companies (from the travel sector) who would like to put their company, product or service in the spotlight. We create an original blog article with professional photos. You can count on a professional layout and knowledge of SEO so that your message gets the necessary clicks. Due to our excellent knowledge of SEO, your website will automatically score higher in search results. A collaboration is without any risk. You will almost always achieve the desired result. The content of the article is always open for discussion. Let us know your wishes, then we can see how we can manage a project together.

Content Creator

In addition to writing articles, you can also ask us to create content for your company, product or service. This can be in the form of professional photography, but videos or drone photography are also possible. For all the available gear we work with, you can take a look here.
We can also fine-tune, manage and maintain your company’s social media. We look for the target group of your product or service and gradually generate more likes and followers. Automatically you will attract more customers.


As the founder of our own website, this is the perfect example to show that we can also create your desired website from scratch. We can create and maintain an SEO-friendly website for you, completely adapted to your preferences and style. More information and prices you can ask via our contact page or email.


You can also ask us to attend your event as a speaker. The topics we like to discuss are travel-related, life changes, life choices, social media, … The options are almost endless. We can also offer “travel”-themed workshops. This can be about a certain destination, but also, for example, about how you can start as a digital nomad.


Since we visit countless places in the world, we can also call ourselves a specialist in examining hotels, (customer) service, certain travel gadgets and other travel-related products and services. It may be helpful to adjust your strategy accordingly to our review. It is always a good idea to know where you can improve and what the weaknesses of your company are. Your improvement will generate more customers in the future. If you would like an independent review for your company, product or service, please contact us.

Why collab with us?

With our numerous readers – travellers from all around the world – we have a large audience to highlight your company, product or service towards a specific target group. Promotion on Instagram is also an option. And that’s not all. The blog-article we create for you will receive a perfectly written SEO text. Here we make the difference with other blogs and this is always paying off. The findability of your website increases considerably in Google. On top of this you also get professional photos for your own use. All articles are also placed on our social media channels, therefore the message is seen by even more people. For up-to-date statistics, please ask our Mediakit via email. Who knows, we may work together soon!

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