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We are Roadtrippers of the Sun and travel around the world. During our many travels we gain so much experience and we would like to share this experience with you. We are also happy to give you tips and inspiration for your next trip. That is why you will find a map below with our destinations divided by continent. So it also remains clear for you. Have fun exploring!


Our Destinations


For many people, Africa is one of the destinations on the bucket list. And that is also the case with us. Especially countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Namibia really attract us. Although Africa is more than just nature. You can also find beautiful cultural and historical places. Like in Egypt or Morocco. The fact Africa is pricey is only a small disadvantage when you see what you get instead. Always pay close attention to which vaccines you need and do not forget your malaria pills for some countries. Although this is less necessary in the high North of Africa.


Asia is a continent with many dream destinations. For example, India, Cambodia, Bali and Vietnam are on the bucket list of many people and we are not different. However, this continent is much more than these countries because there is no shortage in Asia in terms of diversity. Because the Middle East with Jordan, for example, but also Russia and Japan also belongs to this continent. Asia is especially loved by budget travelers and backpackers for its low cost and ease of travel from one place to another.


The continent where our roots are is Europe. A nice continent where you have many different cultures, many different languages โ€‹โ€‹and also a different climate. The climate in Europe can range from subtropical warm to a polar climate. So a lot of difference in a not so big continent. We ourselves are more of a fan of the warmer countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, but Croatia can also attract us. But we definitely find the beauty of, for example, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria also worth a visit. And this continent has so much more to offer.


North America is perhaps one of our favorite destinations in the entire world. And especially Mexico, where we have lost our hearts. The culture and nature that you find there suits us best. And countries as USA and Canada make the beauty of the continent complete. For road trippers like us, these two countries are just a dream. You also have Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica and many other tropical destinations in this continent that are worth visiting.


South America has been one of our favorite continents in the world from the start. And that is mainly due to its beautiful nature and culture. Because this continent has a lot to offer. Just think of the Amazon forest, the most beautiful and largest waterfalls in the world or the Andes mountains. In short, this continent has several destinations where you can and want to go more than once. However, due to circumstances it took quite a long time (2020) before we went to this continent for the first time. We were therefore very happy when we set foot on Peruvian ground for the first time.

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