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The main purpose of our blog is to inspire people and encourage them to travel. We do this by sharing our travel experiences with you by telling stories and especially sharing beautiful photos. Of course we also get our inspiration from somewhere and we share this inspiration with you here. For example, we would like to describe here with you some books, apps or do some interviews where you can also get inspiration.



Everyone should travel far or a longer period of time at least once in their life. Maybe that’s not entirely sustainable, and we struggle with that too, but it will broaden your view on the world. It is essential to get a different view of the life and society in which we live in order to continue to understand others and to stay humble and open-minded. Traveling has often opened our eyes.

For example, our first three-month trip in Mexico and America managed a big change to our lives. Not only did it give us a different view of the world, but it also ensures that we continue to strive for more in life and not just settle for an aimless life. This journey inspired us to live the life we ​​have today. We want to see the world and share this experience with you.

Ultimately, we started living and working as a digital nomad. We combine work and travel so that we now have the life we ​​have dreamed of. We do what we love to do every day. We have really seen the light thanks to traveling and we hope you can experience this too.

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