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    Narcos Mexico – A different take on Mexico

    Narcos Mexico – A different take on Mexico

    Story Narcos Mexico

    Narcos Mexico

    is actually a sequel to the previously released series Narcos

    that was about Pablo Escobar. Except this follow-up series isn’t about Pablo Escobar and marijuana. But it’s about the drug cartel in Mexico and his cannabis. In this series we follow the cartel leader of Guadelajara Félix Gallardo. Who is actually the founder of the drug landscape that we now know in Mexico. This is being pursued by Kiki Camarena, an undercover agent determined to rein in the drug cartel. Actually, Narcos Mexico is more of a sequel to Narcos than a completely new series. But because it’s a different story, in another country, they changed the name a little bit, too.


    Although Narcos Mexico

    is a new series, you can say that this is actually season 4 of Narcos.

    This season has 10 episodes and each episode has an average of 55 minutes. We also expect a new season from this series. Although this will be a year’s wait.

    Our opinion

    We already loved the series
    and we
    fell in love with the country
    of Mexico this year. Which only increases expectations for this series. And although it has been fully redeemed, this series is not as good as its predecessor. But that’s more because of the character of Pablo Escobar that is legendary. For the rest, the style of the series has remained the same which is fun and recognizable. There are some gory scenes and a narrator that takes you into the story. You won’t get bored easily, because this series does give a constant tension with many unexpected moments. In Narcos Mexico, anything is possible!

    Trailer Narcos Mexico

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