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Mexico ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ

Mexico has always been our dream destination. We immediately think of waving palm trees, long white beaches and good food. And of course southern music! But this country has so much more to offer. We were therefore very happy when we packed our bags and left rainy Belgium for this country. To help and inspire you to travel to Mexico yourself, we have collected our stories below. So you have more information when you go to this beautiful country.




The best travel time to visit Mexico is from November to April. It is the ideal destination to escape the cold winter months. If you can, try to avoid the months from May until October due to the rain season. Read more about the best travel time for Mexico here.


The average price for a return flight ticket from Brussels or Amsterdam to Cancun is between 500 and 650 euros. To Mexico City this is more and you pay between 800 and 1000 euros for a return ticket. Of course you can always try to score a cheaper ticket with our tips. And who knows, you might take a discount. Especially keep an eye on the promos because prices can sometimes drop fast. Airlines where you can find tickets for Mexico are Tui and KLM. For domestic flights you pay an amount between 40 and 200 euros depending on the distance and popularity of the destination.


You can make a trip to Mexico as expensive or cheap as you want. You can find all-in flight tickets plus hotel for just 1200 euros a week, but you can also find hotels and flight tickets for 5000 euros a week. That of course depends on what your price range is. For us as budget travelers, that’s too much money to spend on one trip. Especially because we stayed in Mexico for more than a month and spent a lot less per week. A cheap alternative is staying overnight with Airbnb.

Here you pay an average of โ‚ฌ 30 per night for good accommodation. Of course there are also plenty of cheap hotels and hostels that you can book in Mexico. These prices vary per region. According to our own experiences, we can say that Airbnb has ideal places to stay if you want to travel cheaply through this country.

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In Mexico you have many options in terms of transport. But the cheapest transport in Mexico is without a doubt the bus. For a ride on the city bus you pay an average of 40 cents and for further distances this is often between 5 and 20 euros depending on the distance. A good organization within Yucatan for these long distances are the ADO buses. Taxis are also a good form of transport. Expect to pay about 5 euros per 20 minutes driving. Always make an agreement beforehand with the taxi driver. Think in advance how much you want to spend maximum. Usually it works for that price. See more information about transportation in Mexico.


You do not need to apply for a visa in advance for Mexico. You only need an international passport. You simply request this at home. In addition, you must also fill in a form on arrival in Mexico where you will receive a stamp. You must return this form upon departure, so don’t lose it! With this document you have maximum 180 days access to the country. You also do not need to request additional papers for your driving license. Your driving license from home is also valid here.


No vaccines are required for Mexico, except the one for Yellow Fever. However, you should only have this vaccine if you have been in a country with this disease 14 days prior to your trip to Mexico. Furthermore, it is recommended to take a vaccine against DTP and Hepatitis A. This may cost a few euros, but we advise you not to save on your health. Having a good travel insurance is also recommended!

Things TO DO IN Mexico?

Internet Mexico

Mexico has a well-developed internet network. For example, you will find a free Wi-Fi connection in many establishments and in some museums. In addition, every Airbnb accommodation and hotel also has excellent WiFi, which is free in almost 90 percent of the cases. Do you still want to be able to use the internet everywhere? Then we recommend to buy a local SIM-card in one of the bigger supermarkets. You pay an average of 25 euros for a card where you can have unlimited internet access for a whole month. We suggest not to buy this card at the airport as the prices here are doubled.


The nice thing about Mexico is that you don’t have to pay a lot for a meal. Certainly not if you try to avoid the tourist zones and eat with the locals. You can have a full meal for just under 8 euros. If you decide to cook yourself, you can even halve this price. This country is best known for its tacos, burritos, tortillas, nachos, guacamole and spicy sauces. And these delicious dishes also include a local Corona or Sol beer.


At touristic places in Mexico you can pay with Mastercard or Visa. If you are going to eat or shop outside this region (which we totally recommend!), you better carry some cash with you. You can easily withdraw money from one of the ATM’s. Please note that you always use an ATM at an authorized bank or in a supermarket. At other ATM’s, fraud is sometimes committed. Although in reality this is rare.

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They speak Spanish in Mexico. Yet this Spanish is a different kind of Spanish than they speak in Spain. Mexican Spanish has influences from Native American languages โ€‹โ€‹and the pronunciation is often different. This Country has a rich history when it comes to culture. Several countries, including Spain, America and even Africa have helped shape the culture of this country. When it comes to Mexico, we spontaneously think of the numerous Mayan temples that are scattered around the country like ruins. Another reason why we love Mexican culture so much is because the locals are very friendly.

Family is considered the most important thing and Mexicans love to be together. Traditions are still followed. Just think of the day they commemorate the dead (Dia de los Muertos), and when it comes to food and drink, you won’t be short on anything in Mexico. This country has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Mexican food is inspired by Spanish ingredients, but the Native American ingredients are predominant in the kitchen. Think of tomatoes, peppers, avocado and of course chocolate. Typical specialties here are tacos and enchiladas. Typical Mexican drinks are mainly the well-known spirits tequila and also Corona beer. Both are originally from Mexico.


Mexico is almost completely surrounded by water. In the North, the country borders the United States of America and in the South with Guatemala and Belize. These are also very beautiful countries.

Mexico has a varied landscape. It is a relatively large country, so you will find mountains, beaches and jungle. We love Mexico because of the beautiful nature that can be found. There is a lot of green to see but also fantastic beaches.

Because it is a relatively large country, it also has different climates. You will find desert and steppe climates, Mediterranean climates and tropical (rainforest) climates. In general it can be said that it is hot in Mexico. Especially the summer months can be hot with a temperature above 30 ยฐ C. Please note: hurricanes and tropical storms also occur in this season! In the North it sometimes happens that it snows.


Mexico is a beautiful country because of all its assets that come together. The southern music, the traditions, the history, the food and drinks, the locals and the weather make this a dream destination. It’s a country worth visiting once in a lifetime. The atmosphere in this country is very appealing.