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shirts- Live to travel

Our own clothing line is a fact!

Our own clothing line is a fact!

This week we have nice news to report. We start with our own clothing line under the name of Roadtrippers of the Sun! We had been dreaming of creating our own clothes for a long time and now it’s finally here. Find out all about the idea, the process and the designs here!

The idea

Besides travel, fashion is also an important part of our lives. After all, clothing is an everyday fact and it shows who you are. We are both passionate about fashion when it is also comfortable and durable. We have already thought long and hard about our own clothing line and by (or thanks to) Covid-19 we have been able to develop this idea in rapids. Of course we felt it was important to make the link with travel as this is our greatest passion and we would like to offer you, our loyal readers, something unique and tailor-made. We believe we succeeded in this design because our T-shirts are made for and by travellers.

The designs

We will now launch our first items on Friday 26 June 2020, namely two different durable T-shirts. Both shirts are unisex and can therefore be worn by both men and women. They will be available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. The adventurous khaki T-shirts are finely embroidered with the phrase “explore more” and the vintage white T-shirts with “live to travel”. So they’re made for travelers like you or people who love to discover new places. Or for all those who love sustainable fashion. It can also be the ideal gift for someone who likes to travel or someone close to your heart.

Own Clothing Line
T-Shirts Explore More
Own clothing line

The process

Besides the fact that our T-shirts look fantastic, comfortable and stylish, there are still a lot of advantages attached to it. They are both made from 100 organic cotton. And ethically produced in Europe. In addition, they are also 100 vegan -and approved by animal rights organization Peta – so there is no animal suffering during the process of creation. We found all these elements to be extremely important.

We want to do our part for a better planet, rather than further damaging it. We are very aware of the fact that many trips are not ideal for the environment, but hope to make a difference in this area with the choice of sustainability. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest environmental polluter? Not only the throwing away of clothing ensures that figure, but also the way of producing is an important factor. For example, water scarcity often occurs because making clothes consumes an enormous amount of water and clothing creates more plastic in the oceans. We don’t think that’s okay with us.

We took into account the above factors and therefore resolutely chose durability and quality over quantity. We don’t want to harm anyone with the production of our clothes. In addition, our T-shirts are very comfortable and soft. The fit falls loosely and the design fits everywhere making it a pleasant and indispensable item in your wardrobe. We are proud of our brand and hope that you enjoy it as much!

Own clothing line in Kalmphout
shirts- Live to travel

Sell own clothing line

The sale now starts Friday 26 June 2020 on our blog A T-shirt costs 35 euros/piece. In this way, we ensure that sustainability remains affordable. Shipping within Europe is FREE and outside Europe we charge a small extra cost. Hopefully until Friday!

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