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Nationale parken in Amerika Mount Rainier

Park4night: Never look for a car park for the night again

Park4night: Never look for a car park for the night again

Park4night is an application on your smartphone that helps you search for a parking or campsite where you can stay overnight when it gets too late to travel further. There is also always a word of explanation or review about these places. The texts in this application are mostly in French.

How does it work?

Park4night is easy to download from both Apple and Android’s app store. When you have the app on your smartphone, you can use it right away (make sure your navigation gets up!). The use is also self-evident. You just have to press the ‘card’ button and all the work is already done for you.

You will see a map with all the car parks and campsites marked where you can stand with your camper or caravan to rest. When you tap one of these marked characters, you immediately get an explanation about this place with usually also a review and sometimes some pictures. The address can also be found here. If you discover a car park that is not on the app, you can also add it so that more people can enjoy this place. You can just do this via the ‘additions’ button.

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Park4night travel blog review
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Our opinion

I can take us through our road trip France still remember that we drove two hours looking for a suitable parking to spend our night. And then this application would have been very useful. Unfortunately, we only discovered this app afterwards! But better late than never. We will certainly use this app in the future. It is a simple app with a clear goal in mind that meets our needs. You can also download the maps on the website so you don’t need internet on the go. However, this does cost a lot of memory. We therefore recommend this application for people who drive a camper or caravan. And especially when you are a bit adventurous and dare to spend the night in parking lots, like we do.

Park4night or some other method?

What tool do you use to find a suitable place to stay when you’re on the go? Ook Park4night? Or something else? Let us know for sure in the comments or via Facebook.

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