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Saint Tropezienne Cake

Saint Tropezienne Cake

What is a Tropezienne Pie?

Tropezienne Pie. Or “Tarte Tropรฉzienne” as they say in French is a kind of cake that originates from Saint-Tropez. He owes his name to Brigitte Bardot. The one for the movie  ‘Et Dieu crรฉa la femme’ in Saint-Tropez was. She liked this pastry so much that she came up with a name (Tropรฉzienne) for it. That name he still has to this day. The recipe for the cake was devised by the Polish pastry chef Alexandre Micka.

Tropezienne Cake

It looks a bit like a big Berlin Globe of views. Although there are more variations and species in this nowadays than in the past.  But it’s completely different in taste. It is actually a large round pastry that is cut horizontally in two. These two parts are laid on top of each other with a cream of butter in between. Although there are many variations and tastes in this nowadays. From above, the original is finished with icing sugar.

What do we think?

We like lekker it. It’s sweet, but we like that. Ideal for dessert. In the region around Saint-Tropez you pay between five and nine euros for a cake. For a cake you can eat with six of them, this isn’t such an expensive dessert either. Which is also fun, of course. We first ate him when he came from the bakery and the second time after he had been in the fridge for a while. And personally, we like him better when he’s cold. It’s certainly not a heavy dessert either, but if you’ve already eaten a lot, this might be just that bit too much. In short, you should definitely try it when you are in the region.

Tropezienne Cake review

 Where do you find these?

You can find them at almost any bakery in the saint-tropez region and then you pay between โ‚ฌ5 and โ‚ฌ9. You can also find them at the bakeries in Saint-Tropez itself but then you will soon pay around โ‚ฌ20. You can also go and get them in the store where they were originally invented. Wherever they have mini versionsof   this cake. Here you pay between โ‚ฌ20 and โ‚ฌ50. Depending on which   Tropezienne cake you order.

Don’t you go on a trip in this region but do you want to taste them? Then you can always make them yourself, of course.
how to do this. Good luck! And let us know if it worked.

Isn’t this for you? Then make sure
don’t know if anything else is right for you. We’d also like to hear your thoughts on this dessert, so make sure to know if you’ve tasted it.

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