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Belgium 🇧🇪

We know our home country Belgium through and through. It is certainly not a large country, but that makes us unique. Yet every year we still find some gems we have never been to. And we are happy to share these gems with you here. We especially like summer in Belgium because this is the time of many festivals, cozy barbecues and long summer days where we can enjoy a delicious cocktail on our terrace in the evening.

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We love different cities in Belgium. And since Belgium is quite small, you never have to drive long to go from one city to another. You can even take the train from one city to another. We ourselves don’t really have a favourite city. But our home city of Mechelen is charming. There are plenty of nice shops, some good restaurants and there is enough culture and especially nature. Something that unfortunately is no longer the case in every city. Below you can find a selection of our favorite cities in Belgium.


It is well known that Belgium is a festival country. When traveling abroad, Tommorowland is often the only thing they know about Belgium. Not including all our tasty food. We ourselves therefore love a well organised festival. Below you find some festivals that we have already written about. Beyond these two, you should definitely consider Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop. They are the top festival in Belgium.


Of course you can also do a lot of other things in Belgium. We like to be pampered at a wellness. Or take a trip to a museum or amusement park. A number of recommendations for these activities can be found below.

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