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France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

It is not surprising that France is a well known country in Europe. With cities such as Paris, Nice and Marseille but also with beautiful nature such the Pyrenees and the Alps, this is an interesting country. And if that is not enough, you also have the Cรดte d’Azur. Where you can relax on the beach or enjoy some of the best wines in the world. We also love this beautiful country, and we did our first roadtrip with the camper in France. Something we can recommend to everyone!




Although you can travel to France all year round for a city trip to Paris, for example, the best travel time for France remains from May to June and September. This is because you still have very good weather and it’s outside the high season with many tourists and local going on holiday. This allows you to travel cheaper than in the months of July and August and tourism is considerably less busy.


Although most people travel to France by car or camper from Belgium and the Netherlands, you can also do this easily and cheaply by plane. Nowadays you can already find a single ticket to Marseille, Bordeaux, Carcassonne and Rodez for less than 20 euros per person. Although this is depending on the season. The ticket price for Paris and Nice often starts around 50 euros. A good and ecological alternative to the plane is of course the TGV train to Paris. The price for this starts, depending on the season, around 35 euros.


In France you have a wide range of different accommodations. This way you have a typical French gite. But also a bungalow park or a glamping. You can rent all these accommodations for an average price of 100 euros per night. In addition, you can also book a hotel room, B&B or Airbnb. Prices vary from hotel to hotel and from region to region. Sticking a price on this is therefore very difficult. Although the most popular way to spend the night in France is perhaps a campsite. For this you pay an average of 30 euros for a pitch.

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Most cities in France have an excellent metro and tram network. The bus network in these cities is also more than OK. However, for further distances you will need to take a train. These are also very reliable in France and above all affordable. Although you don’t get everywhere by public transport. Certainly not in the region of the Alps. With a car you also see more and you can explore more places. You can do this with your own car or with a rental car. The price for a decent rental car starts at 30 euros per day. Are you going on holiday with your own car? Then keep in mind you have to pay for certain roads.


France has of course much more to offer besides tasty baguettes and croissants. Such as croque-monsieur, ratatouille, coq au vin and quiche lorraine. And with all these tasty dishes you can drink one of the delicious wines or a glass of champagne that this country has to offer. In addition, each region also has its own specialty and regional product. For example, Saint-Tropez has its own Tropezienne Cake. A delicious cake that owes its name to Brigitte Bardot. And so there are many other regional products in France. Do you discover them all? Eating in France is possible from 15 euros per day, but can go up to 120 euros per day. This is very dependent on what your budget is.