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Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Luxembourg may not be the largest country in Europe, but it is certainly one that has a lot to offer. Because the nature that you can find here is impressive! In addition, you also have beautiful cities such as the capital Luxembourg or Echternach and Vianden. Luxembourg has a wide range of castles and buildings with historical value that you can visit. And the big advantage is that this is not so far from Belgium and the Netherlands.




Luxembourg is actually a country that you can visit all year round. Because every season has its charm. In winter you can find a beautiful white landscape that immediately brings you into the Christmas spirit. Of course you can also visit this country during the summer holidays. You can make beautiful walks or take one of the other tourist excursions. Because the range of activities is the largest in the summer. For us personally, autumn is the best time to visit this country. And that is mainly due to the beautiful autumn colors that you can find in the woods.


It is best to go to Luxembourg with your own car. Not only because you are not on the road for a long time, but also because this is the cheapest way to reach this country. In addition, a car in Luxembourg itself is also very easy to move from A to B. Because not every place can be reached by public transport. The gas is also cheap compared to there countries in Europe. There are (almost) no direct flights from Belgium and the Netherlands.


The accommodation you see most frequently in Luxembourg is undoubtedly a hotel. The price for a night in a decent hotel starts at 65 euros. Although this price is very dependent on the region and the season. You can find a good Airbnb or hostel from 45 euros for a night. Another popular place to stay is undoubtedly a holiday home for the whole family. Depending on the season, you can already find a house for 600 euros per week.

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